A Week Long Cabo Celebration with a Triple Vow Renewal and a Birthday Fiesta


David and Dana came to Los Cabos to celebrate their wedding anniversary and renew their vows together with their extended family, and we can assure you that their week-long celebrations in Los Cabos will be remembered forever!

Not only did David and Dana have a special 10th wedding anniversary, they also celebrated Dana’s twin sister Dione and her husband Justin’s 15th wedding anniversary, and the twins’ sister Jane 20th wedding anniversary of marriage to her husband Roger.

Approximately 50 friends and family members joined the festivities at Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos. The couples renewed their vows on a beach at the resort, where the backdrop was the Sea of Cortez and the view of the Arch in the distance.

The Curtis’s Cabo celebrations were happening with daily fun activities. Every day the Lazy Gourmet Catering team created brunch for the group. We organized their welcome party at El Toro restaurant, dinner at Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, a day at the pool at the Resort at Pedregal, which included lunch at the Beach Club, pool activities, spa treatments, and dinner at beautiful cliffside restaurant El Farallon. Kids enjoyed movie night with popcorn and pizza.

One of the children had a birthday during their stay in Los Cabos, so we organized a birthday party at the villas at Punta Ballena with games, piñata, and cake, followed by a farm-to-table dinner at the Flora Farms.

On the vow renewal day, the ladies opted for a pampering spa day, and men went zip lining. The ceremony was at the beach of Esperanza hotel, and it was very special. Not just because of the renewal of vows for the three couples, but also because David organized a big surprise for Dana: he invited Grammy Award-winning musician, Chris Tomlin, to sing and play during and after the ceremony. Dana and all the attendees were in awe! The day culminated with joy and beautiful fireworks.

The next day the group enjoyed a Mexican style dinner at Esperanza Resort, and they said farewell to Los Cabos with a fun day snorkeling, kayaking, and stand up paddling.

These seven days were so much fun, and full of unforgettable memories for all 18 adults and 23 children. We will cherish them forever, and look forward to renewing their vows again in 5 years!

cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0004 cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0005 cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0003 cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0002 cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0007 cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0008 cabo-vow-renewal-esperanza-resort_0001

Wedding anniversary planning: Fatima, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
Photography: Chris Cook
DJ: DJ Mijares
Florals: Let It Be
Wedding Location: Esperanza Resort
Vacation Homes: Inspirato

Katelyn & Stephen’s Magical Destination Wedding in Los Cabos


Cabo San Lucas holds a special place in the hearts of Katelyn and Stephen. Not only did they celebrate their wedding vows here, Cabo is also the first place they traveled to as a couple, and the first place where they first said “I love you.”

They met in early summer of 2012 through their mutual good friends that wanted them to meet. Nothing came about until almost two months later when they saw each other again, and that day, it was like a lighting! They instantly connected, and Katelyn felt like she knew Stephen her entire life.

“We laugh about it every time we tell the story.  That morning of the 28th, I was supposed to be on a boat party with some girlfriends and I slept in.  And thank god I did!!  Little did I know, that same morning I would start to fall in love with the man of my dreams.  I had a ton of missed calls from my sister that morning.  I immediately thought something was wrong and was already in a panic!  I broke out in tears talking to her, but she quickly turned the conversation into how she just got engaged!  I threw myself together as quickly as possible and decided it was necessary to meet my friends at our favorite Mexican bar for celebratory cocktails for my sister and partly for me, to make myself feel better for missing the boat!

I was still happy crying over my sister and telling the story when I arrived and honestly, it felt like Stephen was the only person in the bar.  He was listening ever so intently at me across the table and our eyes locked.  We talked and laughed together as we were lost in the world.  We shared our first kiss that day.  We describe it as our “kazaam”, like a lighting bolt of chemistry was forever made.  It was pure fate that I was there that day. Our love story began and is truly only the beginning.  After that day, we were inseparable.”

They found out they were pregnant on December 15th, 2015! Steve made moves quickly and proposed on the 23rd at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, over holiday tea time as the carolers sang, “Joy to the world!” (Joy is Kathelyn’s middle name!). And ever since, they try to enjoy every moment together. They got officially married on the 31st in a ceremony with their parents only. Their most precious gift is now their lovely son Hudson, who is their little miracle! But, Katelyn and Stephen wanted to do the wedding their way and “remarry” in front of their closest friends and family members in their favorite and special place – Cabo.

We started working on their wedding together 13 months before the wedding day, and from the first moment we started talking, I felt we had an amazing connection. The planning went smoothly, even with the change of the wedding ceremony location within the resort, which at the end proved beneficial to the wedding logistics. We organized a rehearsal dinner on a catamaran at sunset, and the wedding day went on beautifully, just as planned. Katelyn was worried that she’ll be too nervous on her wedding day, but at the end she was able to relax and enjoy her beautiful Cabo wedding. She, Stephen, Hudson, and all their family and friends enjoyed the wedding enormously, and danced late into the night. It was truly a magical day, making Cabo even more special in the hearts of Katelyn and Stephen, as well as mine; being happy and grateful to have been able to make magical memories to my lovely newlyweds and dear friends.

Katelyn’s review: “One major thing that sticks out with Fatima is the kindness and willingness to go above and beyond. We were traveling with our 15 month old, she picked us up from our hotel and drove us back and forth to the site visits our of her way to make sure we were comfortable. She came highly prepared with our agenda when we first met, and had plenty of notes that we had previously planned together for months. Fatima has a big heart and the instant I hugged her to thank her for all the efforts, I knew that we were instant friends. She was like a family friend of ours, that we had known for years! She genuinely cared about making sure the wedding day was perfect. I could not say enough great qualities about her as a person, planner, and now a friend of ours in Cabo!”

– See Katelyn’s full review on WeddingWire here.






















Katelyn and Stephen’s Cabo San Lucas destination wedding at Hacienda Resort & Residences wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:
Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Los Cabos
Flowers and rentals: Let it Bloom / Let It Be Events
Hair and Makeup: Blanc Salon
Photos: Dino Gomez
DJ: Ricardo Patiño
Trio: Los Mosquitos
Location: Hacienda Cocina & Cantina
Hotel: Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

Kaitlin & Anton’s Unforgettable Wedding in Los Cabos


A ‘happy ever after’ always starts with a ‘once upon a time,’ and Katie & Anton’s story will make you fall in love with love stories all over again. Their story goes something like this:

The Day We Met

Hers: I drove home with stars in my eyes. Apparently when I got there I immediately told my mom about what I’d done and how the experience was all together. But the only thing I remember telling her was, “Mom, there’s this really cute guy who works there. His name is Anton.”
His: There was a cute intern that walked in the door. She was funny and had an amazing smile. She had brown hair that swept across her face. She was too young to have a crush on her, but I guess I still did.

The First Kiss

Hers:  About half way down the path I said to myself, ” …” – well I can’t actually type what I said to myself because I am supposed to be a “lady.” I ran back to his door and knocked – it surprisingly opened rather quickly. I grabbed him and laid it on him. 
YES – ladies and gentlemen, I kissed him FIRST!
His: It must have only really been 30 seconds when I heard a knock at the door. I thought she may have left something and this was the perfect opportunity to redeem myself. So, I opened the door, and before I had a chance to do anything, she laid one on me. As excited as I was to be kissing her, later I would realize she had stolen the first kiss credit. Something that still haunts me to this day.

The First “Official” Date

Hers: He took the ring and said, “Let’s see how good your acting skills are.” He got down on one knee, I screamed in shock, and we proceeded to take pictures with many many rando’s who seriously thought we were engaged – one lady even cried. It was hilarious and so much fun!!!
His: She said yes, and we kissed. Even though it was fake, it was the beginning of our relationship. A moment I will always remember.

The Proposal

Hers: He came up to me to take a picture, whispered in my ear “Remember 5 years ago?” I replied yes and then he got down on one knee. I blacked out.  I couldn’t hear (or can’t remember hearing anything) and couldn’t see anything but him. It was the strangest, yet coolest experience I’ve ever had. Tears were streaming (yes from us both), and I’d said YES – for real this time! A magical re-creation of our first date. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more meaningful moment.
His: Refer to “The First Official Date” … but with a big a** rock.

The Wedding

Kaitlin and Anton’s love story could not have been more perfect. Both the bride and groom dreamed of a wedding on a beach, and so we began to plan a wedding that would write another wonderful chapter to their story, located on a beautiful beach of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Kaitlin and her family already nurtured a love affair for Los Cabos and its most amazing yearly warm weather. I met Katie’s mother and sister a few months before and was enchanted with the attention to detail and creativity that Kaitlin had for every aspect of the special day to come! I met Anton on their second site visit, and I immediately saw the unbelievable connection and passion they had for one another. Designing the wedding with them was like being splashed with color and happiness in a sea of spontaneous excitement. I was hooked.

The wedding day was purely and perfectly breathtaking – everything we planned it to be. Kaitlin’s hand-painted invitations and signs greeted their friends and families one by one. Being the first week of July, the crystal oceans of Cabo crisped the air with freshness to complement the thrills in the air. Their ‘I do’ was a moment I will never forget. Two wooden windows adorned with white and soft pink flowers, locked with green stems, symbolized the wedding arch and framed an everlasting moment. Kaitlin, ever beautiful, looked stunning in her laced wedding gown and a vail that trained down to the sand. Anton, impeccably dressed, wore a smile that was both contagious and heart-stirring all the same.

Varieties of delicious hors d’oeuvres kicked of the day’s celebrations as well as an assortment of Polaroid blanks and ‘message in a bottle’ cards welcomed the guests. Romance and happiness filled the air even as the sun started to fall. It was then that the soft orange and yellow sunset reflected on the stones and palm trees of Casa Marcela, that the bride and groom waltzed to their first dance as a husband and wife.

A daughter-father choreographed dance brought heart-warming smiles to everyone’s faces as the evening soon came to a close. Sparklers lit up the starry sky illuminating the bride and groom finishing the chapter of a day they will always remember and never forget.

private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0002 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0003 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0004 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0005 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0006 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0007 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0008 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0011 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0012 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0013 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0014 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0018 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0019 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0020 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0021 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0022 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0023 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0024 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0026 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0027 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0028 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0029 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0030 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0031 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0010 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0009 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0017 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0025 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0032 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0034 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0035 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0036 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0037 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0038 private-villa-cabo-destination-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0039

Villa Marcela Pedregal – Wedding Day – Katie and Anton from Julieta Amezcua Ramos on Vimeo.

Kaitlin and Anton’s Cabo San Lucas destination wedding wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:
Planning: Fatima Falcon from Momentos Weddings and Events
Minister: Rodrigo Rivapalacios
Photo and Video: Photo by Julieta
DJ : DJ Mijares 
Rentals: Cabo Linens, Things, and More
Flowers: Florenta Flower Design
Hair and Make up: Suzanne Morel
Cake: Cabo Flowers and Cakes
Venue: Casa Marcela, Pedregal
Catering: Eat Catering

Roxanna and Ryan’s Destination Wedding in Los Cabos


Today, October 14, is a very special day for us, since today we are celebrating a 1 year wedding anniversary of Roxanna and Ryan. We remember their wedding day in Los Cabos as it was only yesterday, so we wanted to share some photos and their love story with you!

Their love story began in college and years later they decided that living life together was the best way to be. Orchestrated with the help of his best man, Ryan organized the surprise proposal in the crispy mountain trails of Portland, Oregon, where he promised Roxanna a wonderful forever. Always passionate, the bride and the groom decided that they would marry where the ocean is as blue as the sky and the sand is as soft as silk: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We started planning their wedding about a year before the chosen date, and the bride and the groom to be immediately fell in love with the location at Cabo del Sol and our team, just as we fell in love with them and their always positive energy. From their engagement photo session with Pink Palm Photo to their menu tasting, welcome party, and finally the wedding day, every moment was filled with thrills and joy. I think they were just as excited as we were for their special day to come true perfectly, just as they imagined it to be.

On their wedding day, everything went as we planned, and it was even better than we all imagined. Roxanna and Ryan always remained attentive to their friends and family, making sure they are having a wonderful time and enjoying the celebrations in beautiful Mexico. Roxanna and Ryan’s wedding day was unforgettable. We loved special details and traditions they incorporated in the celebration. For example, as a symbol of new beginnings, incorporating their past and giving it a place of honor in their new life; of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new, Ryan jumped the broom hand in hand with Roxanna. This magical African tradition kicked off the night’s celebrations with dance, laughter and everlasting joy. True to our joined vision, the wedding was magical, memorable and beautiful.

Congratulations to the our wonderful bride and groom, Roxanna and Ryan, on their wedding anniversary! May you have many more years to come!
Love and best wishes from Cabo,
Fatima & Momentos Weddings & Events team

cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0053 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0054 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0055 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0056 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0057 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0058 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0059 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0060 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0061 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0063 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0062 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0064cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0065 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0068 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0069 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0066 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0067 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0070 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0071 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0072 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0073 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0074 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0075 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0076 cabo-del-sol-wedding-momentos-los-cabos_0077

Roxanna + Ryan Cabo Del Sol Wedding Film from Pink Palm Weddings on Vimeo.

Roxanna and Ryan’s Cabo San Lucas destination wedding wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:
Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon from Momentos Weddings and Events
Wedding Photo and Video: Pink Palm Photo
Flores and Styling:  Florenta Flower Design
DJ: DJ Mijares
Cake: Cabo Cakery
Hair and Make up: Olga Bustos
Location: Cabo del Sol
Welcome Party: SUR Beach House
Minister: Marco Arechiga

Danielle & David’s Cabo Destination Wedding


Every wedding is unique and unforgettable, and Danielle and David made their wedding day all that more special here in Cabo San Lucas because of who they are. From their first wedding arrangement visit till’ their first sunset as husband and wife, Danielle and David brought smiles and laughter to our faces.  They are this amazingly fun, joyous and happy couple whose energy is contagious, and that made their wedding day just the same.

Danielle, with her exciting charm, helped orient the wedding and every detail was accounted for to make it absolutely perfect. David, every second a gentleman, charmed us with his good humor and made us swoon with his ever-lasting attention to Danielle’s happiness.  The celebration was held at the beach where soft Cabo sand greeted the happy couple and the guests. Selections of colorful flowers, such as jasmines, marigolds, dahlias, cosmos, and roses displayed the liveliness of Danielle and David.  In the midst of white, splashes of color from red undertones to the softest of pinks contrasted the light blues of the sky and ocean.  It was a sight to behold.

It was no surprise to hear that they loved their destination wedding at Hacienda Cocina and that their friends and family enjoyed it all the more.  There wasn’t a second where their guests weren’t laughing or dancing, even after all the exquisite food that was served in the evening.  Of course, the margaritas were also always on deck.  At night, strings of lights and candles gave the night a magical glow, as heart cut out paper garlands embellished the ambience.

Danielle and David’s friends and family celebrated the day with the bride and groom with joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces.  It was a wedding to remember and an unforgettable evening.  It was a fortune to witness their special day and a blessing to have been part of their wedding day team.

Much love to Danielle & David always,

Fatima & Momentos Los Cabos Weddings & Events team

hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-02 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-03 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-04 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-05 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-06 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-07 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-08 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-09 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-10 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-13hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-11 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-12 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-14 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-15 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-16 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-17 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-18 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-20 hacienda-cocina-cabo-wedding-momentos-los-cabos-19

Danielle & David’s Los Cabos destination wedding wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:

Wedding planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events Los Cabos
Wedding flowers: Fluoriante
Hair and makeup: Cabo Makeup by Alma Vallejo
Wedding photography: Sara Richardson
Wedding location: Hacienda Cocina y Cantina
DJ: DJ Mijares