Yolanda & Allen’s Cabo Destination Wedding


Sometimes in your life when you think you are ready for something or someone, the Lord knows better!
He started out as an acquaintance, who knew he would become my best friend!
All of our lives we have been within arms reach of each other for many years.
His mom taught at my grammar school… but it was not time for us to meet!
He lived less than a mile away from me for many years… yet it was not time…
We frequented the same restaurants, were on the same blocks and walked the same paths that I once did as a teenager… but still it was not time…
Who would have known we would be in the state of Ohio at the same time… but unfortunately the Lord knew it was not time….
He almost purchased a house right next door from my parents home… and unbelievably it still was not time!
Then he purchased the very same building I resided in… Who would imagine that it still was not time…
I moved out… because it was not the right time.
Then Life threw me a curve ball and life’s lessons prepared me to meet him and become his best friend, soul mate and through God’s Grace, his WIFE!

See, the destiny knew, even if we didn’t… that finally it was about TIME!

– Yolanda

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. And although their paths were crossing throughout all their lives, they did not meet until it was the right time for Yolanda and Allen to find each other and fall in love. This beautiful love story above was written by our bride, Yolanda herself.

Yolanda was the sweetest bride, and with Allen the make the most adorable couple. She chose her venue and contacted me to help her make her wedding dreams come true. She did not know Los Cabos, so I helped her with suggestions, local wedding providers, and took care of all the planning and logistics so that her day would be as she imagined.  We were planning their wedding for almost a year, and I loved the entire process.  Yolanda was always so friendly and nice; she had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve with her wedding decor, how she wanted her guests to feel, and how their entire wedding experience would be.  Almost 100 guests from Chicago came to celebrate Yolanda and Allen’s love in Los Cabos.  They all loved the location and the entire wedding weekend, which included a warm-up welcome party, and a bonfire at the beach one day before the wedding.

On her wedding day, Yolanda was relaxed and calm.  Everything she dreamt of her wedding day to be, was becoming reality. The beach wedding ceremony, the decor, beautiful flowers, and a dance night to remember. Their fairytale-like wedding day concluded with magical fireworks.

Much love to them forever!
Fatima & Momentos Weddings and Events Los Cabos team

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Yolanda and Allen’s Los Cabos destination wedding wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:
– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers & Wedding Decor Rental: Linens, Things and More
– Wedding cake: Sweet Dreams
– Hair & Makeup: Suzanne Morel
– Wedding Photography: Dino Gomez
– Wedding Location: Barceló Hotel Los Cabos

If you’re engaged and thinking of a destination wedding, choose Cabo San Lucas. My team and I would be happy to help you plan your wedding – from choosing the location to all the details in between, everything until the day you say “I do.”  Please contact me at fatima@momentosloscabos.com, I would be honored to be part of your best day ever!

Kristen & Bobby’s Romantic Destination Wedding in Los Cabos


Every time I look at Kristen and Bobby’s wedding photos, I remember their beautiful wedding day in Los Cabos, and all the laughs and tears of joy we shared on their special day.  I have to say that Kristen and Bobby are a brilliant couple; not only they are both extremely good looking, but they are also incredibly kind and beautiful people as well.  Bobby is a real gentleman, like the ones we dream about from the classic movies, and I loved how much love and attention he has for Kristen.

Kristen and Bobby contacted me two months before their wedding day, and three days later I was already hosting them in Cabo San Lucas for a site inspection.  We were on the same page since the very beginning, and I was so honored and happy to be able to help them make their dream come true!  We found a beautiful private villa for their memorable intimate wedding in Puerto Los Cabos, called “Paraiso Perduto,” or Paradise Lost.

Besides making sure that their wedding day will go as planned (and dreamed), Kristen and Bobby were mostly concerned that their guests would have a fantastic day and enjoy their stay in Los Cabos. They prepared a lot of details for their guests during their stay, and everyone was enjoying greatly their stay and Kristen and Bobby’s beautiful wedding day.

For their wedding day we organized different musicians; a soft guitar for their ceremony, a trio of Mexican musicians for their cocktail hour and dinner. Before the dinner all the guests went to the beach to watch the sunset, and celebrate Kristen and Bobby with sparklers. Afterwards, we continued with a fire show and a fun karaoke finale.

Much love always to my beautiful bride & groom! You will be in my hearts forever!


cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0009 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0010 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0001 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0011 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0002 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0013 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0012 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0014 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0017 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0016 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0018 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0006 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0005 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0019 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0020 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0021 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0022 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0024 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0023 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0008 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0007 cabo-wedding-planner-fatima-momentos-los-cabos_0004

MiniFilm Kristen & Bobby from Dino Gomez on Vimeo.

Kristen & Bobby’s Los Cabos destination wedding at Sunset da Mona Lisa wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:
– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers: Arete Florals
– Wedding cake: Sweet Dreams
– Hair & Makeup: Hair by Mexsun, Makeup by the bride
– Wedding Photography, Video & Photo Booth: Dino Gomez
– Wedding Location: Paradiso Perduto
– Fire show: Lunas de Fuego
– Guitar: Alonso Aguirre
– Trio: Los Mosquitos

If you’re engaged and thinking of a destination wedding, choose Cabo San Lucas. My team and I would be happy to help you plan your wedding – from choosing the location to all the details in between, everything until the day you say “I do.”  Please contact me at fatima@momentosloscabos.com, I would be honored to be part of your best day ever!

Christina & Christopher’s Colorful Wedding at Hacienda Cocina y Cantina


We had this amazing connection with Christina since the very first phone call, and I knew from the start that planning her Cabo San Lucas destination wedding would be so much fun, and such an honor as well! hacienda-cocina-wedding-cabo-san-lucas-momentos-los-cabos_0009

Christina and Christopher are such a sweet and nice couple. They knew what they wanted since the beginning: to spend time with close family and friends, and to have the wedding ceremony and intimate dinner at the beach, facing the beautiful Land’s End.


Working with Christina and Chris was also a motivation – they both work in services industry and me an my team really wanted to impress them. I’m very happy to say that we managed to do so, and they were very happy with all the wedding services for their big day.


They chose to get married in Cabo San Lucas because they love Mexico, its culture, the colors, the food and friendly people. We planned their wedding design with Mexico in mind, and created a colorful decoration with traditional papel picado, personalized with their names, and hand painted maracas.


Hacienda Cocina y Cantina truly has a unique setting for destination weddings, the wedding ceremony setup was beautiful with Land’s End as the backdrop, and the dinner setup couldn’t have been more romantic. We were accompanied by the sound of the ocean, the beautiful sunset, and later on a starry night.


Christina & Christopher’s wedding day was truly a day to remember, and I am so grateful to them for having me help bring their dreams come true in our beautiful home, Cabo San Lucas.












Christina and Christopher’s Cabo San Lucas wedding wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:
– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers: Cabo Flowers & Cakes
– Hair & Make up: Suzanne Morel
– Wedding Photography:  Gabriela Mohar
– Guitar player: Arturo Sotomayor
– Mariachi: Mariachi Nuevo Jalisciense
– Trio: Los Mosquitos
– Wedding Location: Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas Beach Wedding: Emily & Evan


Emily and Evan’s love affair with Cabo San Lucas started long ago, and when he proposed and they started to make plans for their wedding, they couldn’t imagined to get married anywhere else than in our quaint coastal town.


For Emily it was very important to know and meet the wedding planner in person. We met at the beautiful Bahia Hotel, made a great connection and exchanged ideas about their wedding day.  Both Emily and Evan are such a cute couple, very nice and with a great sense of humor.


We planned their wedding ceremony at the beautiful and private Pedregal beach.  They loved its privacy and stunning views to the Pacific Ocean.  Afterwards, the entire wedding party moved to Peacocks restaurant in downtown Cabo San Lucas for cocktails and wedding reception.  If you haven’t visited yet, Peacocks has a lovely decoration and amazing fusion cuisine.


Emily and Evan’s destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas was their dream come true, and it was such a pleasure to be part of the most important day of their lives.  While writing this post and looking at their wedding photographs, I am reliving the entire day and smiling.  Thank you Emily and Evan, and I look forward to seeing you when you return to Los Cabos.












Planning Emily & Evan’s dream Los Cabos destination wedding wouldn’t be possible without these fantastic wedding vendors:
– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers: Emporio Arte Floral
– Wedding Photography: Waldo Franco
– Wedding Ceremony Location: Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas beach
– Cocktail and dinner: Peacocks Restaurant
– Hotel : Bahia Hotel

Sunset da Mona Lisa Cabo Wedding: Tina & Mike


Tina and Mike are a super sweet couple, who fell in love in Cabo San Lucas and decided to start their life together just here in this beautiful place of paradise, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean come together as one as well.


In addition to the location, the most important factor in their wedding was photography;  they were looking for something fun and artistic.  Second most important item on their wedding was music; they wanted to dance the night away, and – they did!



Every single detail of the wedding we completely personalized to Tina and Mike’s taste.  And that was the goal – to create a unique wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our bride and groom, the one which they will never forget, and which will always be bringing them back to beautiful Los Cabos.












Congratulations to our lovely couple!

– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Cake:  Sweet Dreams Cabo
– Wedding Photography: Fer Juaristi
– DJ: Alex Alanis
– Wedding Location: Sunset Da Monalisa
– Minister : Rodrigo Rivapalacios
– Guitar Player : Arturo Sotomayor

Magical Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, the place where every wedding is magical. Where the sun sets at just the right time, taking the rustic desert surroundings to a entirely new level of lovely. Emily and Charles are a fun loving and bright couple, who chose to have just that for their intimate Cabo Wedding. For their reherasal dinner  party they decided to have a Taco Bar, which was held and supplied by the beautiful Boutique Hotel Bahia. The Wedding Ceremony and Reception were held at Hacienda Cocina and Cantina Restaurant, in the beautiful Hacienda Cabo San Lucas. An absolutely beautiful floral setting with clusters of paper lanterns was the setting for this beach dinner.

Tags: Wedding Planner – Fatima Falcon
Ceremony and wedding Location – Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Restaurant
Rehearsal dinner – Bar Esquina , Hotel Bahia CSL
Photographer – Waldo Franco
Hair & Make Up -Mexsun Spa
Guitar Player – Francisco Alatorre
Florist – Cabo Flowers

Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Beach Wedding

Amor del bueno! that is how I remember Johanna & Marco…

Johanna and Marco got married in one of my favorite locations…. Hacienda Cocina and Cantina Restaurant (within Hacienda Cabo San Lucas Resort). They enjoyed a beautiful beach ceremony followed by a cocktail at the Terraza las Fuentes and dinner in Salon Colonia. Johanna and Marco picked a beautiful selection of décor that matched perfectly with the look of the restaurant.

Now more than clients we became great friends…


Momentos Los Cabos

Los Cabos Wedding

Momentos Weddings Los Cabos

Coordination by Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Location at Hacienda Cabo San Lucas Beach Resort & Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, Photography by Francisco Estrada, Flowers by Emporio Floral, Hair and Makeup by Suzanne Morel, Cake by Sweet Dreams