Annette & John’s Destination Wedding in Los Cabos


350 days of sunshine, proximity to the United States and the natural beauty of Los Cabos were just some of the reasons Annette and John chose this lovely Mexico destination for the place where they would start their lives as husband and wife.

My first contact was with our bride Annette’s sister, Claudia.  I loved the fact she was so dedicated in helping her sister have her dream wedding, and enjoyed working with her and Annette greatly.  On our second call, Annette, Claudia and I were talking about their vision for the wedding, and already then I could see this wedding will be beautiful and full of emotions.

The bride and groom’s parents came to visit Los Cabos after we started planning the wedding, and it was touching to see how both families were excited and united in making this day a very special and unforgettable, not only for Annette and John, but for everyone who will be attending!  Together we had fun site inspections, looking for a perfect location for the wedding to take place at.  And after the visit to Sheraton Los Cabos, they were fascinated with the hotel, the architecture, the food, and what was very important to them – they have a chapel on the property for their religious ceremony – and the decision was made!  Hacienda Cocina y Cantina enchanted them with their beach ambient and location, so we decided to host a rehearsal dinner there.

Annette and John’s wedding day was beautiful!  A wedding party of 90 people gathered at the chapel to celebrate their marriage union, and afterwards we continued the celebrations at the restaurant De Cortez.  Their wedding decoration was white and royal blue with traditional talavera accents.  At the end of the evening, Annette and John surprised their guests with beautiful fireworks.  And for me, the most emotional was the closing of the night, when all the guests made a circle hugging each other around the newlyweds and thus celebrated their union.  It was a beautiful and emotional gesture, and a memorable way to wrap up Annette and John’s wedding day.

I was honored they chose me to plan their prefect wedding day in Los Cabos, and wish them all the love in the world!

















Annette and Johns’s Los Cabos destination wedding wouldn’t be the same without this amazing team:

– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Decor Rental: Sheraton Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers: Cabo Flowers & Cakes
– Wedding Cake: Cabo Cakery
– Hair & Make up: Suzanne Morel
– Wedding Photography & Video: Alec & T
– DJ: DJ Mijares
– Wedding Location: Sheraton Los Cabos
– Rehearsal Dinner: Hacienda Cocina & Cantina

Kim & Steve’s Intimate Esperanza Resort Wedding


Kim is such a sweet lady, it was such a pleasure working with her and helping her plan her dream wedding. When we first spoke, we started talking about an intimate wedding ceremony and dinner celebration for their Los Cabos destination wedding, but at the end we decided creating an intimate wedding event with different elements and events for their wedding party the day before and after the wedding as well.


Kim was planning to come to Los Cabos with her entire family to celebrate New years, and as everybody would already be here already, Kim and Steve decided to seize the opportunity and celebrate their love with an intimate and private wedding.  It was their second time in Cabo San Luca and they just loved it, and decided this would be the perfect place to unite their love and lives as husband and wife.


The day before the wedding they organized a fun snorkeling tour for the entire wedding party.  And in the evening their lovely daugther Jennifer organized a surprised rehearsal dinner at the magical El Farallon restaurant at Capella Pedregal.  For the big day they chose Esperanza Resort, which has a stunning location and was just a perfect host for their intimate wedding.


Kim and Steve families and close friends participated in the celebration of their love, and had so much fun during the entire wedding weekend.  I loved how wedding went very smoothly and we all enjoyed in all the elements and events.


It was such an honor to be part of Kim and Steve’s special destination wedding, and I can’t wait to meet them again when they return to Los Cabos!












Wedding vendors at Kim and Steve’s wedding:
– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers:  Cabo Flowers & Cakes
– Hair & Make up:  Cabo Makeup
– Wedding Photography: Sara Richardson Photography
– Wedding location: Esperanza Resort
– Cocktail and dinner: Esperanza Resort
– Minister: Rodrigo Riva Palacios
– DJ: Art productions

Sunset da Mona Lisa Wedding with Timi & Jean


Timi an Jean are such a sweet couple and I enjoyed spending the entire wedding weekend with them, getting to know their wedding traditions and incorporating them here in Los Cabos.


I loved how Jean, the groom, was very involved in all the decisions and did a great job in taking care of all the details.  Their wedding style was simple yet elegant, complemented by a stunning location at Sunset da Mona Lisa, with fantastic ocean views, overview of the Cabo San Lucas bay and Marina, and of course, the Land’s End.


As any couple, they wanted their wedding day to run smoothly and to be perfect.  They had a family coming to Cabo San Lucas all the way from Nigeria, and wanted to make sure that each and every guest had a blast.  They all loved Mexico, and Timi and Jean were very happy with how their wedding they turned out.


Timi’s brother and sister are singers, and they both performed for guests at the dinner.  I loved their style and music, and seeing how both Timi and Jean’s eyes teared up when they sung especially for them.


Timi and Jean’s wedding was beautiful and special, and I will remember always their smiles, their love for Mexico and their wonderful family.

Congratulations again Timi and Jean, I wish you all the happiness in the world!











JM & Timebei from Dino Gomez on Vimeo.

Wedding vendors at Timi and Jean’s wedding:
– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Flowers:  Cabo Floral Studio
– Wedding Cake: Sunset Da Monalisa
– Hair & Make up: Suzanne Morel
– Wedding Photography: Pink Palm Photo
– Wedding video: Dino Gomez
– Wedding Location: Sunset Da Monalisa
– Cocktail and Dinner: Sunset Da Monalisa

Sunset da Mona Lisa Cabo Wedding: Tina & Mike


Tina and Mike are a super sweet couple, who fell in love in Cabo San Lucas and decided to start their life together just here in this beautiful place of paradise, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean come together as one as well.


In addition to the location, the most important factor in their wedding was photography;  they were looking for something fun and artistic.  Second most important item on their wedding was music; they wanted to dance the night away, and – they did!



Every single detail of the wedding we completely personalized to Tina and Mike’s taste.  And that was the goal – to create a unique wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our bride and groom, the one which they will never forget, and which will always be bringing them back to beautiful Los Cabos.












Congratulations to our lovely couple!

– Wedding Planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Los Cabos
– Wedding Cake:  Sweet Dreams Cabo
– Wedding Photography: Fer Juaristi
– DJ: Alex Alanis
– Wedding Location: Sunset Da Monalisa
– Minister : Rodrigo Rivapalacios
– Guitar Player : Arturo Sotomayor

Romantic Wedding at Cabo del Sol: Judi and Carlos

Judi and Carlos are a very special couple to me, and I am so happy to share their wedding photos with you. We started planning their wedding one year before the date, and I loved how both of them were really involved in the entire process of planning their dream day.  They both knew exactly what they wanted in terms of colors, ideas… It was great working with them as we have similar personalities, they were both very determinate and our communication was fast and straightforward, and we loved it that way!

I especially loved Carlos’s attention to detail and how he made extra steps just to surprise Judi and show her how much he loves her. On their wedding day, Carlos prepared a special surprise for Judy, which we were planning secretly for almost a month!  In the morning, they went together to breakfast to the restaurant of Fiesta Americana hotel, where they were staying, they met the entire bridal party, who greeted them, and it was all good, but you know, it was nothing special, and it was their wedding day,… But then Carlos took her hand and walked her to the beach, where we have prepared a private beach breakfast just for them, and she was thrilled!

But the surprises didn’t stop here! One week before the wedding, Carlos called me to talk about arranging another big surprise. I thought he was talking about mariachi, but no… Turned out Judi is a big fan of American Idol, and it was a season where she became a big fan of Joshua Ladet. Carlos hired Joshua to come to their wedding and sing the song for their first dance, and then some more.  We coordinated everything totally in secret, nobody knew, except me and Carlos!  At the time of their first dance they started dancing to a song, and then suddenly we did the transition from the recorded song to the song actually sang by the singer – Judi was SO surprised, she could not believe that Joshua Ladet, her favorite singer, was standing (and singing) for her and Carlos on their wedding day!  Carlos could have not thought of a better surprise for Judi! She was in awe, and so happy!

Judi and Carlos’s wedding was perfect, and I am so happy they chose me to help them make their big day come true!


Wedding planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events
Welcome cocktail: Sunset da Mona Lisa
Rehearsal dinner: Mi Casa restaurant
Wedding Location: Cabo del Sol
Wedding Decor Rental: Cabo del Sol
Wedding Flowers: Cabo Flowers
Hair & Make up: Suzanne Morel
Wedding Photography: Dennis Berti
Music: DJ Art Production, Guitar Player: Arturo Sotomayor

Magical Wedding in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, the place where every wedding is magical. Where the sun sets at just the right time, taking the rustic desert surroundings to a entirely new level of lovely. Emily and Charles are a fun loving and bright couple, who chose to have just that for their intimate Cabo Wedding. For their reherasal dinner  party they decided to have a Taco Bar, which was held and supplied by the beautiful Boutique Hotel Bahia. The Wedding Ceremony and Reception were held at Hacienda Cocina and Cantina Restaurant, in the beautiful Hacienda Cabo San Lucas. An absolutely beautiful floral setting with clusters of paper lanterns was the setting for this beach dinner.

Tags: Wedding Planner – Fatima Falcon
Ceremony and wedding Location – Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Restaurant
Rehearsal dinner – Bar Esquina , Hotel Bahia CSL
Photographer – Waldo Franco
Hair & Make Up -Mexsun Spa
Guitar Player – Francisco Alatorre
Florist – Cabo Flowers

An Elopement, Across the World!

This lovely couple (Maria & Alberto) cherished the idea of a private ceremony with just one another. They live in beautiful Italy and from their first moment in Los Cabos, they knew it was the perfect location for their elopement.

The ceremony took place on the beautiful beach at Marbella Suites Hotel, a really nice vintage location! After the ceremony they enjoyed their photo session with the ever talented photographer Dennis Berti (thank you for the fantastic shoot), followed  by a traditional “Chocolate tres leches” cake cutting and champagne toast.

 Maria & Alberto I wish you all the VERY best!

Thank you for choosing Momentos Wedding and Events Los Cabos to be part of your special evening.


Tags: Coordination by Momentos Weddings and Events Los Cabos , Venue  Marbella Suites Hotel, Photography by Dennis Berti, Flowers by Emporio Floral

A Memorable Destination Wedding

Chick Beach Wedding: Devon & James!

Working with this lovely couple was a great experience. There are so many things that I loved about Devon and James´ Wedding. From the original welcome bag, rehearsal dinner venue (Bahia Hotel), decor, to the special guest details… and of course their Wedding Day!

Their choice décor was a beach style combined with natural accents and a romantic ambience with lots and lots of candles. Everything came together “to be perfectly them”. The venue (as mentioned in my earlier posts) is one of my favorites, Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Restaurant, located in the Hacienda Cabo San Lucas Resort.

These 2 lovebirds were nothing but an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so proud to have been part of their Special day!

  Coordination by Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Location at Hacienda Cabo San Lucas Beach Resort & Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, Photography by Francisco Estrada, Flowers by Emporio Floral, Hair and Makeup by Suzanne Morel, Cake by Sweet Dreams

Hacienda Cocina & Cantina Beach Wedding

Amor del bueno! that is how I remember Johanna & Marco…

Johanna and Marco got married in one of my favorite locations…. Hacienda Cocina and Cantina Restaurant (within Hacienda Cabo San Lucas Resort). They enjoyed a beautiful beach ceremony followed by a cocktail at the Terraza las Fuentes and dinner in Salon Colonia. Johanna and Marco picked a beautiful selection of décor that matched perfectly with the look of the restaurant.

Now more than clients we became great friends…


Momentos Los Cabos

Los Cabos Wedding

Momentos Weddings Los Cabos

Coordination by Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events, Location at Hacienda Cabo San Lucas Beach Resort & Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, Photography by Francisco Estrada, Flowers by Emporio Floral, Hair and Makeup by Suzanne Morel, Cake by Sweet Dreams