Top 10 Trends in Wedding Stationery for 2023

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
November 23, 2022

If you are looking to have a wedding that generates an unparalleled experience for everyone involved, one of the first things you need to do is think about the design of the wedding stationery that will accompany the first image of your I Do!

Choosing a printed design to communicate the aesthetics and atmosphere of your wedding is essential, but for this, you must know the top trends in wedding invitations and how to take advantage of the best of them to create a magical world around the best day of your life.


Even if you’re having a destination wedding in Los Cabos, designs with minimal detail, clean fonts, and classic design are perfect for communicating all aspects of your I Do!

You can choose the range of colors based on the decorative proposal of the event, although you can also rely on monochrome schemes, white and black to have a very chic harmony.

Destination details

Wedding Stationery Destination Details
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If your wedding is in paradise, one of the top trends in wedding stationery is taking advantage of the classic design elements and the spirit of that city to bring some of them to the design of the Save the Date, invitations, menus, etc.

In the case of Mexico, nothing better than integrating color dynamics, Papel Picado, maracas, and fonts that arouse the interest of your guests to discover a beautiful spot like Los Cabos.

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Choosing vintage details is a great option for your wedding stationery.

You can do it in many ways: 1) by integrating subtle illustrations with flower patterns that reflect the charm of a period series or movie, 2) with a textured paper that has neutral tones or 3) with proposals that refer to Art Deco in figures, geometric and surprising colors.

Remember that everything must be in harmony with the final result you seek from your I Do!

Classic and simple

Classic and simple wedding stationery for dinner tables
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In this wedding stationery trend, the goal is to keep the typography in a minimalist expression, but always play with a color scheme and design that is modern, sophisticated, and timeless.

If you are thinking of having an elopement or an intimate wedding in Los Cabos, these types of designs will be your best allies to create a dreamy aesthetic.


Without a doubt, one of the top trends in wedding stationery. This type of paper is semi-translucent, so it provides a delicate and very ethereal appearance. You can combine it with other types of white or pale gray paper, as well as with calligraphy-style typography or with minimalist details.

The goal is that this texture looks like the protagonist of the design to create a fascinating effect.


Acrylic Welcome to the Wedding Sign
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Another of the materials that you need to take advantage of for your wedding invitations.

Acrylic has become a very chic resource to communicate the details of the wedding through Save the Date, or wedding invitations that mix different styles and colors to create an eclectic, fun, and very elegant effect.

To complement the dynamics of this trend, nothing better than thinking of decoration with disco balls, a fun floral proposal, and lots of colored crystals. You have to see Beth and Ryan’s sophisticated wedding.

Wax seals

The perfect accent for wedding stationery that draws attention in seconds. These details look perfect, plus they’re elegant, charming, and carry a vintage-inspired vibe.

If you use them as decoration for the envelopes, believe us that your guests will be fascinated.


Whether through maps or personalized illustrations for the couple, these types of accents look beautiful on wedding invitations and will become a must-have trend if you get married in a destination as glam as Los Cabos.

Your guests will have fun with a chic and very cool experience.

Sustainable materials

More and more couples are concerned about the environment, and although it is not necessary that you choose a completely digital wedding stationery suite, you can make slight changes in the materials with craft, reused or handmade papers (in case you want to support local businesses).

Colorful envelopes

Envelopes in energetic, fun, and striking colors have become one of the favorites of couples looking to have a destination wedding with captivating details.

These materials are the best cover letter for your wedding, so I recommend you choose a tone from the range of colors that is intense and sufficiently representative of how the aesthetics of your wedding will be.

Which of these wedding stationery trends is your favorite?

If you want to design a destination wedding like no other in a destination as spectacular as Los Cabos, contact us! We will love to create with you the best day of your life in paradise.


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