11 Good Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Los Cabos

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
August 8, 2022

Escaping the routine can be a powerful desire for many of us, especially when it comes to planning the details of one of the most special days in anyone’s life. Breaking the rules, defining a unique landscape of celebration, and making the most out of the experience is crucial to ensure that, second by second, your wedding is an extraordinary and unforgettable event.

The best thing about planning a destination wedding is finding the possibility of designing a surprising and personalized experience not only for you and your partner but also for your guests. The essence of choosing any place in the world opens up a scheme of possibilities to create the wedding of your dreams, without the need to comply with protocols, traditions, and rules.

So, if you are not sure whether you should have a Cabo destination wedding in such a magical place or not, we share with you 11 reasons to have a destination wedding in Los Cabos:

1. You will meet a wonderful place

If you decide on a destination wedding in Los Cabos, you will witness the beauty of one of the top spots in Mexico. Here you will not only discover enchanting views and the perfect mix between the beach and the desert, but you will also be able to choose from endless wedding venues to get married.

2. You can get legally married in Los Cabos

If you are wondering if you can have a legal marriage in Mexico (and, of course, Los Cabos), the answer is YES. There are no legal or technical constraints that prevent you from doing so. You can read our 2023 Guide on how to get married in Mexico to learn more about the documents and forms you will need to gather and the fees that need to be paid.

3. Los Cabos has the ideal weather

In addition to having spectacular views in Los Cabos, you can enjoy an exceptional climate. The rainy seasons are very marked, so you will not find surprises on your wedding day, and even if it rains, you can always choose a space that brings together all the luxury and accessibility to have a perfect wedding.

The best months to celebrate a destination wedding in Los Cabos range from the end of October to mid-June. The most requested dates are November and May. 

4. Fun happenings

Another great reason to have a destination wedding in Los Cabos is based on the experiences you can have before, during, and after your wedding day: luxury spa treatments, cooking and fishing classes, city tours, tequila tastings, whale watching, and fishing tours, gold tournaments, sunset tours, among many others.

Los Cabos is the perfect place to aim for a weekend-long wedding!

5. Experienced professionals

Lamb dish for wedding recepetion in Los Cabos
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Of course, we cannot leave out the advantage that in Los Cabos you will find incredible vendors for your big day. Without a doubt, you will need to have the guidance of a local wedding planner who has worked with a wide range of companies to make your dreams come true.

Don’t worry, at Momentos we know how to make each of your expectations come to reality. We work with many of the best in their field. Among the vendors which we fully trust are:

6. Incredible Wedding Venues

Villa Marcela Los Cabos Wedding Venue
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There is a wide variety of spaces that are perfect for your destination wedding, from luxury hotels that will surprise you with their design and views, to alternative wedding venues (like the lovely town of Todos Santos) that will allow you to discover another side of Los Cabos.

What is certain is that you will be able to find the ideal setting for any style of celebration you have in mind.

Some of the venues we love to work with are Acre Resort, Flora Farms, Sunset Monalisa, The Cape, and Chileno Bay, among others. Of course, we can work with any wedding venue in Los Cabos, and organize beautiful micro weddings or elopements at private villas.

7. Mexican details and cultural richness

Mexican Inspired Wedding decorated with Papel Picado
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A destination wedding in Los Cabos will allow you to delve into some aspects of our country’s culture and give them visibility on the big day. For example, you can opt to include some Mexican wedding inspiration and have a ceremony with mariachi music, create details with personalized maracas for your guests, decorate with “Papel Picado” and let yourself fall in love with the natural textures that will combine perfectly with the décor.

8. Dreamy views

Ocean View from Los Cabos Wedding Venue
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Having a ceremony or reception on the beach will guarantee you priceless images of your wedding. Los Cabos has wonderful settings that will completely delight you, as well as be a complete revelation for all your guests. We think the venues that offer the most beautiful views are:

9. Ease of transportation

There are many airlines that provide direct flights to Los Cabos, so the destination is the ideal option to experience paradise up close on the best day of your life.

10. A destination that exploits your creativity

JW Marriot Hotel Los Cabos Wedding Venue
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Having a destination wedding in Los Cabos will allow you to design an extraordinary, trendy wedding, with artistic touches and completely relevant inspirational references. This is part of the magic that happens when you decide on an authentic celebration, added to the professional guidance of an expert and the vision that you as a couple have of this very special occasion.

11. Los Cabos is the ideal destination to start your honeymoon

In addition to having all the facilities to create an extraordinary destination wedding, this spot in the world is a fascinating option to start the journey as a couple. One more reason to get carried away by the beauty of Mexico, and the fascinating beaches that surround this outstanding spot.

We are sure that when you decide to celebrate your destination wedding in Los Cabos, every step will be wonderful and, if you need help or guidance to give shape the best day of your life, contact us.

Let’s make magic at your wedding.


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