15 Big Wedding Trends For 2021

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
December 28, 2020

If 2021 is the year you chose to say I DO, then your wedding will be completely influenced by the pandemic and everything that came with it.

After living in this situation, which has had a worldwide impact, there’s a wish for change and hope; unlike other years, the simple things in life will be at the heart of every celebration this coming year.

Probably, there will be a greater appreciation of nature and, of course, the desire to enjoy simplicity again… And all this will be reflected in every detail that is part of that very special day. All of the above has shaped some of the wedding trends for the year to come.

But there´s nothing new as for respecting nature. People like princess Eugenia from Greece claimed her wedding to be a totally plastic-free event; Meghan Markle also preferred an environmentally conscious floral service for her baby shower.

That’s why nowadays, many couples are aware of the needs of our planet as well as the importance of returning to nature and more sustainable celebrations.

All that we have lived through in 2020 has influenced some of the wedding trends for 2021. Take a look at the biggest wedding trends for 2021.

1.  In: Micro Weddings

Wedding Trends 2021: Micro-Weddings
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If you’re planning your wedding to take place in the first quarter of 2021, an intimate Micro Wedding is your best option. These are 40-60 attendees’ weddings with the option of connecting with the elder members of the family through digital media. This way, no one will miss this significant moment in your life. This type of ceremony has the advantage of letting people share more time with each one of their guests.

Micro-weddings are full of details since their essence is exactly that… fewer people will let you assign a bigger budget to details and variety.

If you are thinking of something even more intimate than a micro wedding, maybe an elopement wedding is what you are thinking of.

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2.  Weddings on the beach, in the woods, or on farms

Wedding Trends 2021: Weddings on the beach, the woods or a farm
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Beaches, woods, and gardens are the best options to celebrate your union with your sweetheart since they provide beautiful landscapes that fulfill extraordinarily the sanitary rules required at the moment. Outdoor weddings provide wider spaces for your guests, so they can keep a safe distance from each other.

Getting married on a beach has been the dream of many couples, and today there’s no doubt it is one of the best options due to its beautiful and natural landscapes, which offer great elements like the stars, the sand, and the ocean.

Don´t give up your dream of having a beach wedding. In México you´ll find perfect places like Los Cabos, which is a favorite destination for weddings or elopements. 

3. Flowers everywhere!

Wedding Trends 2021: Flowers Everywhere
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Concerning ornaments, natural is the trend. More specifically, flowers, since you can play with them in many different ways: as table runners, with candles, or other decorative elements.

Using flowers in 2021 weddings is so trendy that you can also camouflage them in salads, over desserts, or even in beverages. Take that into account!

An event like this will never take place again in your life so, as part of the trends, you can also naturally perfume the environment using rosemary, eucalyptus, lilies, or roses.

4. Hanging decor

There’s nothing more beautiful and romantic than hanging decor for outdoor natural venues. The use of hanging lanterns, light bulb chains, lighting signs, or lighted curtains can provide a magical, romantic, and sophisticated touch to your wedding.

A nice example of this trend is the beautiful stars decor we designed for Vivi & Alex’s Wedding.

5. Eclectic furniture

Wedding Trends 2021: Eclectic Furniture
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As comes to your wedding, every detail counts, and if you want a trendy liaison, you need to pay special attention to the furniture and its use. According to experts, a more natural style is coming back.

Wood chairs and uncovered tables are now the trending fashion. However, if you prefer sophistication, and an eclectic style, combining wood, metal, and vintage furniture will be the best option for you. The chairs, for instance, can be all different and old-fashioned.

Floral tablecloths are out. Simple, neutral tones, are recommended, as well as transparent or neutral-toned glassware. On the other hand, you can show some daring sparkles by using golden or orange-toned cutlery, providing a very chic touch.

You can also reflect an eclectic tendency to use different tableware and mix them with different colors too.

6. Minimalist brides

Wedding Trends 2021: Minimalist Brides
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Without a doubt, the most important thing at a wedding is, of course, the wedding dress. 2021 is marked by simplicity and minimalism. Simple lines, subtle and romantic nuances, classic laces, and simple rhinestone patterns are what brides are looking for this year.

Along with plunging necklines, long or puffy sleeves are where the trends are pointing to be “in” this 2021. The princess cut with simple skirts is coming back too. Don´t forget that “simplicity” is trendy; another constant this year is the A-Line floaty dress and, last but not least, the 2-piece pants outfit is becoming really fashionable.

An interesting fact when talking about bridal fashion is the new trend of detachable skirts and sleeves as well as wedding gowns with no veils at all. These two aspects respond to the simplicity and minimalism which will reign fashion this 2021.

Simplicity can also be perceived in the bride’s hairstyle; the hair up is completely out of the scene, more natural hair with a casual, almost disheveled look with loosely pinned updos and opened simple bangs, as well as fine tiaras or small floral details are some of the chic tendencies now.  

7. Rule-breaker grooms

Wedding Trends 2021: Rule-Breaker Grooms
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2021 grooms will look very different. The fashion wedding trends for grooms will make their way and scream for difference: vintage suits in gray, blue, or dark green will be the avant-garde. The 2021 rule-breaker groom will also opt for stripped and/or polka dot suits.

8.  A special menu and food stations

For that big and special day, think about a signature cuisine menu. There are many delicious options that can be very chic. It also includes vegan alternatives for your vegan guests so they feel comfortable and enjoy the menu like the non-vegan attendees. 

Thematic stations are becoming one of the biggest wedding trends, imposing themselves when it comes to guaranteeing success. They can include classic cheeses and a wide variety of beverages, ranging from beer taps to champagne dispensers.

9. The cake 

Wedding Trends 2021: Simplicity in Cakes
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Simplicity is the rule again. For the 2021 wedding trends, elaborate and sophisticated tiered wedding cakes are absolutely out. The trendiest style now is to place normal-size and single-tier cakes in different places, preferably with small floral decor.

10. Yellow and Grey, the 2021 colors

Yellow and Gray are the Colors for 2021
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With the idea of conveying a message of happiness and strength, Pantone recently announced that the colors of 2021 will be Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating. Throughout the year, we will see this lively combination everywhere, especially lighting up weddings and celebrations.

This new year will also present a very interesting mix of color nuances and shades that could be used to decorate and make a big difference in the small details. From yellow and terracotta tones to mint and blue color spectrums, all are welcome.

11. A big wedding trend: Eco-friendly weddings

As we mentioned at the beginning, health and sustainability will be omnipresent in 2021 weddings. More and more couples are seeking that their union reflects their ecological beliefs and, if that’s what you’re considering for your big day, there are some things you can do about it:

  • Use recycled paper for invitations and menus. One of the trendiest options is to print the menu on a paper bag containing a small biscuit in it and to place one bag per seat.
  • Full-vegan menus.
  • Seasonal and domestic flowers for reuse.
  • Organic wedding dresses are made of natural fibers.
  • Avoid the use of floral sponge foam.
  • Reusable decorations, such as bulb chains and curtains.
  • Avoid food wasting by placing it on trays, so guests can help themselves out with what they really want to eat.

12. Small bouquets

Wedding Trends 2021: Small Bouquets
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Although large, luscious bridal bouquets have dominated the wedding scene for decades. The wedding trends for 2021 point to smaller bridal bouquets that will replace cascading arrangements. They’re also beautiful, and their smaller size allows a bridal dress to shine.

Lilies are becoming especially popular with brides that are looking for a delicate floral bouquet.

13. Neon is back!

Wedding Trends 2021: Neon lights and signs
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If what you want is to brighten up your special day, you will definitely need neon signs. Though this trend has been around since 2019, it is popping up as a reference to wedding decor in the latest news.

Neon wedding signs are a colorful and unexpected décor option that gives celebrations a really modern touch.

While lighting up your party, and creating a festive ambiance, neon signs can also be used to light up structures, direct guests, label stations, tell stories, and convey important wedding details, like the date or your hashtag.

And you can take them home and reuse them to keep your house fresh and fashionable!

14. Revealing natural makeup

Wedding Trends 2021: Natural Make-up
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No wedding day perfect look is complete without makeup. Trends now include a few new details like metallic shades, dramatic bright red lips, and again… natural face look with bold eyes. Brides everywhere are spending equal amounts of time planning their wedding hair and makeup as they are on the dress and shoes.

Always keep in mind that less is more!

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15. Say Thanks!

Indeed, this 2020 hasn´t been easy for almost anyone and of course, tons of weddings have been put off or completely canceled; that´s exactly why it´s necessary to be grateful for good health and safety. To honor the opportunity of being finally able to celebrate with your loved ones.

You can easily incorporate small “thank you” acts into your wedding. Choose special guests, such as grandparents or close friends, to take home one of the flower arrangements at the end of the night. Smaller things include baking special “thank you” biscuits for each guest or personalized soaps that reflect gratitude.

2020 has marked all of us deeply. There’s no doubt it has made us more modest and humble people. We are now more capable of appreciating what really matters, like, for example, love and family, which are two of the most important ingredients for a wedding.

Wedding Trends 2021: Say Thanks!
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2 extra wedding trends for 2021 you will love!

Long-lasting and emotional experiences

Why have a weekend wedding when you could take advantage of it to celebrate more days? This is one of our favorite trends, and with the popularity of intimate celebrations, couples now can pamper their guests with a more personalized experience and luxurious details.

Destination weddings, especially in Mexico and its paradisiacal destinations, are the perfect excuse to comply with this trend. To the wedding experience, you can add visits to tourist sites, stays in the top boutique hotels, tours of the top restaurants in the destination, and even design a completely personalized wedding banquet.

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In these experiences you can also allocate more resources to the accents and the decoration itself, choosing better vendors to create a dream floral design or a table styling worthy of the best photos on Instagram. For weddings in 2021, the sky is the limit, so it is worth exploring all the opportunities available for you to design an original and creative atmosphere through which the couple can express their style.

Los Cabos, for example, is a fascinating wedding destination for hosting pre-wedding and post-wedding happenings, ensuring that guests will always have a surprise experience to continue the celebration with the bride and groom.

At Momentos Weddings and Events we have 16+ years of experience creating stunning Cabo Destination Weddings. If you want further information, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

The wedding as an aesthetic project

Weddings have gone from being a beautiful celebration to becoming a creative proposal designed by the bride, groom, and their vendors. Another trend for weddings in 2021 is the opportunity to combine all the senses in the same experience, starting with a fascinating decoration, the smell with scents that represent the essence of the couple, the ear with the music, the touch with the textiles that are part of the decoration, and even the taste with interesting flavors that define the character of what I do.

Seeing beyond the trends of the moment is interesting, but also a very fun challenge to invite couples to be actively involved in designing their wedding. We love that inspiration comes from all possible artistic branches, from fashion and film to architecture and design. Couples have more and more information and all these cultural references must manifest themselves as an experience of style in their wedding.

Conceiving the wedding as an aesthetic project will make that celebration unique. If you want to get out of the script a bit, we recommend: a boiler room music set for the reception, designing an à la carte menu together with a high-specialty chef, or in your favorite restaurant, bringing interior design techniques to decoration to extend that feeling of warmth and closeness with your guests and, of course, design a signature wedding drink that reflects the tastes of the couple.

2021 allows us to dream and this wedding trend is one of the best to transform the traditional experience into an inexhaustible source of creativity. The best of the best to make dreams come true.

Be sure to communicate effectively with your wedding planner, so your style and beliefs can be present at your wedding at all times. Congrats!


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