Romantic Wedding at Cabo del Sol: Judi and Carlos

Judi and Carlos are a very special couple to me, and I am so happy to share their wedding photos with you. We started planning their wedding one year before the date, and I loved how both of them were really involved in the entire process of planning their dream day.  They both knew exactly what they wanted in terms of colors, ideas… It was great working with them as we have similar personalities, they were both very determinate and our communication was fast and straightforward, and we loved it that way!

I especially loved Carlos’s attention to detail and how he made extra steps just to surprise Judi and show her how much he loves her. On their wedding day, Carlos prepared a special surprise for Judy, which we were planning secretly for almost a month!  In the morning, they went together to breakfast to the restaurant of Fiesta Americana hotel, where they were staying, they met the entire bridal party, who greeted them, and it was all good, but you know, it was nothing special, and it was their wedding day,… But then Carlos took her hand and walked her to the beach, where we have prepared a private beach breakfast just for them, and she was thrilled!

But the surprises didn’t stop here! One week before the wedding, Carlos called me to talk about arranging another big surprise. I thought he was talking about mariachi, but no… Turned out Judi is a big fan of American Idol, and it was a season where she became a big fan of Joshua Ladet. Carlos hired Joshua to come to their wedding and sing the song for their first dance, and then some more.  We coordinated everything totally in secret, nobody knew, except me and Carlos!  At the time of their first dance they started dancing to a song, and then suddenly we did the transition from the recorded song to the song actually sang by the singer – Judi was SO surprised, she could not believe that Joshua Ladet, her favorite singer, was standing (and singing) for her and Carlos on their wedding day!  Carlos could have not thought of a better surprise for Judi! She was in awe, and so happy!

Judi and Carlos’s wedding was perfect, and I am so happy they chose me to help them make their big day come true!


Wedding planner: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Weddings and Events
Welcome cocktail: Sunset da Mona Lisa
Rehearsal dinner: Mi Casa restaurant
Wedding Location: Cabo del Sol
Wedding Decor Rental: Cabo del Sol
Wedding Flowers: Cabo Flowers
Hair & Make up: Suzanne Morel
Wedding Photography: Dennis Berti
Music: DJ Art Production, Guitar Player: Arturo Sotomayor

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