Diana and Quoc’s Multicultural Wedding in Los Cabos

Planning a destination wedding for Diana and Quoc was a beautiful and emotional experience for me, Fatima, and our wedding planning team. We started planning the wedding with Diana and Quoc for more than one year in advance. Their love story began in Los Cabos in 2013, and that’s why they chose to get married here. Diana is American, and Quoc is Vietnamese, and they wanted to celebrate their love with family and friends from all over the world right here where their romance started.

They were not planning to visit Los Cabos for their site inspection, so I made sure to send them venue suggestions based on their wishes, site options, number of guests, and my past experiences on each of the location and things that they can offer. We decided on Fiesta Americana because of their beautiful beach spots, their private villa location for the entire wedding reception, food, and everything else they offered to the couple. Diana and Quoc placed trust in me in choosing the right venue for the location, and I was confident that this beautiful resort will be perfect for making their wedding dreams come true.

I loved planning the wedding with Diana and Quoc, they were both very involved, very detail oriented, and knew exactly how they wanted their wedding celebration in Los Cabos to be. Their main wish was for their guests to have a fantastic time, and that the two of them could be worry-free and enjoy their special day with all the loved ones.

After more than one year of planning, on the day that they arrived to Los Cabos for their wedding, I have to admit, I was nervous. Diana and Quoc placed all their trust in me in planning their wedding via phone and email conversations, and while I knew we are going to have an amazing wedding celebration, I was still in anticipation of their reaction when they see a resort and the location of their wedding. They were fascinated and happy, and I was able to breathe again!

The day before the wedding we organized a traditional Vietnamese Tea ceremony. Quoc’s family brought the traditional decor and food. Diana’s bridal party wore Vietnamese bridesmaid dresses, and Diana wore a beautiful Vietnamese bridal dress. Their Vietnamese wedding ceremony was beautiful and very emotional, and afterward, we celebrated with guests a welcome cocktail at the beach with drinks and appetizers.

Next day, their wedding day, we organized a wedding ceremony at the terrace of the Imperial suite, a beautiful villa inside the resort, with the capacity to host for more than 130 guests, which was ideal for Diana & Quoc’s wedding party. Everything went on as planned. We had decor in gold, white, and green, with lots of greenery, and some blush accents for the ceremony and Diana’s bouquet. They were excited to share with their guests their favorite Mexican dishes in a buffet, and Quoc’s favorite – guacamole – which we renamed into Quocamole! 🙂

The surprise of the night were stunning fireworks! After Diana and Quoc cut the cake and said cheers, we had our team ready to turn all the lights off when the fireworks started, and it was just perfect! The fireworks went off, and their faces light up, and their happiness was endless! All the guests were in awe with the fireworks, followed by the dance party with DJ Alex, who made sure that the dancefloor was full the entire night! The mood and the party were so good that everyone moved to the Lemon Drop, Fiesta Americana’s disco bar, for an afterparty.


Diana and Quoc’s wedding has a special place in my heart. We worked on it over distance for more than one year, and seeing how it turned out so beautiful and perfect, and how it fulfilled my bride and groom’s dreams, I am forever grateful.

Mucho amor para siempre,
Fatima & Momentos Los Cabos Wedding team

Diana & Quoc’s Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

Diana & Quoc in their traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits.

Diana & Quoc’s wedding was made possible by this amazing team of wedding vendors in Los Cabos:
Wedding Planning: Fatima Falcon, Momentos Los Cabos
Photo: Anna Gomes
Hair and Makeup: Suzanne Morel
Rentals: Let It Be Events
Flowers: Let It Bloom
DJ: Alex Alanis
Venue & Host Hotel: Fiesta Americana Los Cabos

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