Learning New Wedding Trends at the LVL Academy Wedding Planner Workshop

12 years is a long time, or short, depends on the perspective. And even though I have been planning events and weddings for 12 years already (since 2007), I can’t say I know it all! I’ve seen plenty, done plenty, and learned plenty, but I can’t get enough of learning and growing in the event and wedding planning industry! As they say, the only constant is change, and I love learning and acquiring new ideas, techniques, and skills in wedding planning, which I can then share with my brides and clients.

That’s why, when LVL Wedding Academy announced their workshop last winter, I jumped right in and applied for it. This intense 3-day wedding planning workshop in Orange County was a fantastic experience for me personally as well as for everything we do at Momentos Weddings & Events Los Cabos.

We got to meet Heather Hoesch and Lindsay Longacre, the owners of LVL Academy, as well as wedding planners at LVL Weddings. They are well renown wedding planners and by reading the program of the workshop, I wanted to be part of it immediately! In the past, I participated at the Sketches Book Series workshop in Cabo and got recommended to attend LVL Academy, and I am so glad I did!

Upon our arrival to the 1912 hotel, they received us with all the luxury and style as only wedding planners would, including with a gift of goodies for planners, very fresh and charming.

We analyzed the wedding market and the market of destination weddings in charge by Heather, and all the participant planners shared their feedbacks, which I loved! We had a conference panel with Hoo Films and Garret Richardson about photo and video at weddings.

The second day, some of the guest speakers were Paula Laskelle, Jason Roars, Gianna San Filippo. It was incredible listening to these wedding professionals and hearing their experiences and relevant topics about the evolving wedding planning industry.

Among my favorite parts of this workshop were three sessions, where we get to get out hands on things and get creative!

1 – Making boutonnieres, lead by Isari Flower Studio. Boutonnieres sound simple, but I was enchanted losing fear towards flowers, and I even created a couple of boutonnieres by myself, which was a real wow moment for me!

2 – Styling shoot. It’s incredible how one idea that you have always been doing the same way, can completely change. You just need someone to show you the way and open a myriad of possibilities! The styling class by Lorely Meza was wonderful, she reflects passion and creativity it takes to make her photos with style.

3 – I loved the Mary Very Inspired’s Sketching Session in Cabo, so I decided to repeat it here as well.

I love discovering myself and my creativity at these type of classes and workshops! I realized I can use creativity to pause my mind, and relax it from wedding planning – which is the side of a wedding business that I dominate the most – I can relax and let my creativity flourish. Which, in the end, is useful for every aspect of the work I do!

On the third day of the event, we had a master class with minister JP Reynolds. I was fascinated by his lecture, which was not so much about servicing a wedding as a minister, but about life lessons, which was so enriching!

The LVL Academy Wedding Planner Workshop was an enriching experience, which I will carry in my heart forever. I met divine people with many dreams and illusions, just like me, to continue making our clients happy and to have available all the tools to do our work better. I believe it is crucial to never stop learning, even though you feel like you master the subject or topic. I love discovering new ways of doing your job, and always being on trend in the wedding industry.

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