5 Cool Engagement Party Ideas and Tips

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
March 8, 2023

Congratulations! You are already engaged and now the most important thing will be to celebrate it with the people you love the most. Planning the best destination engagement party has to be one of the best experiences, especially if you want the guests to feel integrated into such a special moment for you and your partner. To help you, we present a list of engagement party ideas that will give you everything you need to know.

But, what is an engagement party? An engagement party is a celebration to commemorate your commitment. It is the best occasion to celebrate your engagement in the company of your closest relatives and your best friends.

Designing a special party, where you and your partner are the centers of attention, is a great idea to start the wedding celebrations and create expectations about everything that awaits you (and them) with your I Do!

5 engagement party ideas to plan an amazing party

1. Turn it into a destination experience. If you want your engagement party to be more special and memorable, the best thing I can recommend is that you turn it into a destination engagement party. Of course, I recommend you choose Los Cabos to have a party like no other. In this part of Mexico, you will find fascinating spaces, luxury hotels, and beautiful views to celebrate your engagement as this occasion deserves.

Destination Engagement Party in Los Cabos Setup
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2. Tradition says that the organization must be from the mother of the bride; however, at Momentos, we recommend you hire the services of a wedding planner who can guide you through the step by step of this planning. With her help, you will guarantee that all the details will be incredible and just as you would have imagined.

3. Design special invitations. If you have enough time, it is best if they are printed, although you can always choose a digital design that you can share with the guests. The objective is to create a fun, elegant, and personalized image around your engagement party. This way, everyone will remember it as the best party.

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4. Don’t wait too long to celebrate your destination engagement party. It is best if you design it within the first two months of the engagement, this way you will have plenty of time to organize all the missing details of the wedding without adding celebrations or commitments along the way. This way you can introduce the families (if they don’t know each other yet) and some of the friends they consider closest.

5. You can have more than one engagement party. The idea is that you and your partner organize the first one so that you are the ones to break the news and choose the atmosphere in which you want to celebrate your engagement. If your friends or family want to organize more events later, enjoy them all!

Welcome sign to Destination Engagement Party
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5 tips to help you plan your destination engagement party

1. Pick a date

This must be chosen during the first months of the commitment. Make the choice in time so that everyone can organize themselves.

2. Choose a venue

Celebrating a destination engagement party will allow you to choose exclusive places, with very cool designs and perfect for the occasion. The best experience!

3. Hire a wedding planner

So that you do not have to deal with organizational details, it is best that you trust the experts of the destination to create a 100% memorable party.

Mexican Atmosphere for Destination Engagement Party
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4. Design a personalized atmosphere

Thinking about the decorative details, the colors and the elements that will give life to this occasion is essential so that everything turns out even better. It’s time to bring your creativity to life!

5. Choose the best outfit

Choose a suitable look for the occasion, that represents your style and with which you can achieve charming photographs.

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Couple dressed up for Destination Engagement Party
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If you want to become a trendsetter planning your destination engagement party, contact us, and let’s design together one of the best and coolest celebrations of your love story.


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