How to Choose the Best Beach Wedding Dress

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
November 10, 2022

If you have already thought about having a destination wedding in a paradisiacal place, facing the sea and with a warm climate, I am sure that these tips will help you to know how to choose the best beach wedding dress. There are some factors that you must consider to guarantee that your styling will be perfect, comfortable, and in tune with the beautiful natural surroundings that you will have in your I Do!

Los Cabos is characterized not only for being one of the most luxurious destinations in Mexico but also for having a very versatile climate; the mixture of desert and beach makes it a wonderful place to have a destination wedding like no other. But have you thought about what your wedding dress will be like?

Beyond looking at trendy designs, you should pay attention to some key features that guarantee your comfort above all else and read the insights of wedding dress specialist Dolores Martin.

1. Think about the fabrics

Bride wearing beach wedding dress with light design
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Believe it or not, this is one of the most important points when choosing your beach wedding dress. Choosing a design that has a light, flowing materials, will help you feel fresh and natural.

I recommend choosing fabrics like cotton and organza, as well as chiffon and lace embroidery without many layers of volume. You can find these types of designs in all kinds of formats, so you can have a wedding as classic, romantic, cool, or alternative as you can imagine.

According to Dolores Martin, a Mexican specialist in bridal image, the perfect combination of textures for a beach wedding dress can be defined according to the concept of the wedding:I could recommend anything from brocade to silk chiffon, considering the style of decoration and elements. Generating a concept of the bride you want to be and the type of celebration you want offers you a totally assertive balance in your bridal look, she says.

Bride wearing beach wedding dress made of flowing materials
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2. Experiment with the details

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Having a beach wedding will allow you to play with fashion and with a design through which you show your personality.

Choose a wedding dress that stands out for its beaded appliqués, or for fabrics that evoke your most romantic side and embroidery with light touches of color. If you like the traditional but with a sexy touch, you can always choose a slip dress inspired by the aesthetic of the 90s or a classic A-line silhouette or ballgown style.

Bride wearing beach wedding dress with embroidery details
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3. Feel free

Bride wearing strapless wedding dress with light design
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One of the keys to knowing how to choose the best beach wedding dress is to be sure that you always feel comfortable, so I suggest you leave aside heavy designs and highly produced constructions. The best thing will be to opt for a design that emulates the movement generated by the waves of the sea and the wind. Wow!

According to Dolores, more and more brides are choosing alternative looks, either in their dress designs or accessories, and predicts that “in 2023 we will be appreciating retro-inspired dresses, and elements such as colored flowers, bows, feathers, capes, and gloves among other details that represent the new trend of eclectic brides”.

4. Prioritize durability

Choose a beach wedding dress that does not cause you any worries while you enjoy your wedding, that allows you to feel free and without discomfort, and of course that you can wear throughout the day with the guarantee that you will not sweat during the ceremony or reception.

Although you can always think of having two looks for your wedding, it is best to know that your main dress will fulfill the function of making you feel unique, beautiful, and more confident than ever.

5. Avoid mini designs

Bride wearing long, white wedding beach wedding dress
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While they are so much fun and we love the way they look, they can also be tricky when it’s very windy, especially in the afternoon or at night.

If you plan to choose a wedding dress like this, then wear it during the civil ceremony and preferably in a closed or more controlled space, such as the terrace or the lounge of a luxury hotel in Los Cabos.

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Bride wearing long, beach wedding dress
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6. Have fun with color

The safest thing is to choose a beach wedding dress in neutral colors or in classic white; however, you can also play with the same range of colors that you chose for your big day and add some details to your design or choose it in a surprising tone that attracts attention. Blush looks amazing, as well as blue and some subtle colors or pastel shades.

Dolores’s favorite color is ivory, but she affirms that “although now we see nude colors, blush, and color elements are trending in wedding dresses”. You can appreciate some of her work in her Instagram profile.

7. Connect with your sexiest side

Bride wearing wedding dress with transparencies and embroidery
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Getting married on the beach is a perfect opportunity to experiment with plunging necklines, transparencies, front slits, and luxury embroidery that bring out your inner princess.

8. Follow your style

Bride wearing Mermaid-Style Wedding Dress
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There are many dresses for a beach wedding, but the most important thing is that you stay true to your essence, your personality, and how you want to show yourself on your wedding day.

If you have always dreamed of a formal wedding, then opt for mermaid or trumpet style designs without too many volumes or overlapping textiles; If you prefer a more casual look, the midi silhouettes will be your best allies, as well as an off-the-shoulder neckline and a strapless design.

Bride wearing alternative-style beach wedding dress
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9. Choose two looks

Although point 4 is about durability, the purpose of having a beach destination wedding is to break the rules and bring out your most fashionable side. For that, I suggest you choose two wedding dresses: one that you can wear during the ceremony and a more risky one for the party. Both will look spectacular and your wedding photos will be a real show.

Bride wearing Trumpet-Style Beach Wedding Dress
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10. When in doubt, choose a timeless design

Bridal trends are in constant movement and although the most common is to choose a wedding dress according to what fashion dictates, if you do not feel convinced but you do dream of having a wedding on the beach, then focus on choosing a classic design with which you can guarantee that your image will never be outdated.

“The best dress will always be the one that makes you feel comfortable and feel yourself”, says Dolores Martin, and adds: “But definitely advising yourself with professionals to choose your dress is essential, since a professional will always anticipate details of each style of dress and will let you know how it would look at your event, they can also offer you a comparison of the pros and cons of the different styles and that will allow you to choose your dress with greater confidence”.

Take these 10 tips into account, choose the ideal beach wedding dress, and have the perfect I do on the beach. If you want to create the best day of your life in Los Cabos, contact us. Let’s make magic together!

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