How to Communicate Effectively with Your Wedding Planner

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
August 15, 2022

Planning a destination wedding has many benefits and allows you to create a completely unique experience, but you also need to consider some factors so that you fully enjoy each moment. To achieve this, the first thing you should do is hire a professional wedding planner located in the destination where you will celebrate your big day.

With their guidance and knowledge, you will be able to make better decisions and trust in an organizational process in which you do not have to worry about any.

Here I share some of my best secrets to having flawless communication with your wedding planner even from a distance.

The advantages of having the help of a wedding planner are many, and even more so if you will have your wedding in a destination far from your city.

With their help, you will be able to know the wedding venues that best suit your celebration, as well as the procedures and requirements that may be needed, you will find the best team of professionals to bring your ideas to life, and you will know how to allocate your budget in the best way, you can be sure that they will design contingency plans to ensure that nothing threatens your wedding, and much more.

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Once you have already hired them and the planning of your destination wedding has begun, then you need to maintain very good communication so that each phase is satisfactory.

1. What is the preferred method of communication

The process of planning the wedding is very different for each couple, and in order to develop the ideas in the best way, it’s essential to know the preferences of the bride and groom in terms of which means of communication to use: WhatsApp messages, Zoom calls, FaceTime, etc.

There are many ways to communicate with your wedding planner
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2. Specify what your work hours, free time, and availability are

During the organization of the wedding, there are many decisions that must be made, and of course, the couple must participate in the design of their big day. To get things flowing in the best way, the ideal is to share when you will have space to make calls or meetings in order to review the details of the wedding, make decisions, and be aware of the progress that has been made.

3. How do you want to be involved in the wedding

Although there are couples who are very clear about all the details of the wedding and seek to participate actively in the organization, there are also those who are more relaxed and prefer to trust 100% in the decisions that the wedding planner makes. Whatever your personality is, it is best that you communicate it from the very beginning so the relationship flows in the best way.

4. What is the vision of the wedding

In the aesthetic aspect, your wedding planner will need to know the idea you have for such an important celebration, what your priorities are, what you like and what you definitely do not want to see on the big day, and the style you’re looking for, and more.

Communicating all expectations is a great starting point to begin the search for the professionals who best suit your vision and, thereby, build a great team so that you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

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5. Be transparent in your expectations

If you do not like something, it’s important that you mention it and this will greatly improve the communication you have with your wedding planner from a distance. The job of your team of professionals is to reflect your vision in each of the details, so understanding your expectations will help the whole team to offer a much better experience from start to finish and, in addition, you will be able to work harmoniously with every vendor.

6. Do not hesitate to ask if you have questions

Although it is important that you trust the work of your professional wedding planner, it is also crucial that you can share your concerns if that will help you better understand any wedding process or its details. Do not reserve any questions, it is always good to ask the necessary ones so that you feel closer to the process and not as an outsider of your own I do!

7. Plan personal meetings

Technology is crucial to improve the communication you have with your wedding planner, but it is also worth organizing some visits to the destination in your calendar so that you can meet each other personally, interact and continue with the organization process more closely.

Believe it or not, these experiences are perfect to finish breaking the ice and guarantee that the relationship between the couple and the professional will be extraordinary.

Another fundamental aspect is the inspection visit at the destination, where we take the opportunity to carry out tests, mockups, food tasting, and much more. Some couples make two visits, but if they can’t, we can always make a video call on the property to show them the best of the place.

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8. It is important to stick to the wedding timeline

Whether to sign contracts, sign documents, review progress or make important decisions. Your wedding planner can share a schedule so that you are clear about the tasks that must be carried out month after month, so you can organize yourself to meet deliveries and avoid delays with your vendors.

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9. Keep an open mind

Although many ideas can be brought to life, it is also important that the couple can adapt to the changes that may arise around their wedding. The proposals that your wedding planner makes will always be in favor of the vision you have of that big day, of how to enhance your style, and that the entire production looks even better. Therefore, it is crucial to hire professionals with a great reputation within the destination where you will celebrate your destination wedding!

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10. Enjoy the professional guidance

Rest assured that having long-distance communication with your wedding planner will be a great experience, so don’t worry about anything and live each part of the process in harmony. The result of the wedding will be extraordinary.

Do you want to plan the best day of your life in Los Cabos? Contact us and let’s make the wedding of your dreams come true in one of the most luxurious destinations in Mexico.


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