How to Plan an Intimate Wedding in Los Cabos

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
November 25, 2021

Sometimes you don’t need to have a large number of guests to enjoy an incredible day. The new formats in events have allowed it to be possible to experiment with completely different possibilities that, in addition, give a different value to the way in which a couple decides to join together for life.

If you still have doubts about how to plan an intimate, small wedding, and do it in Los Cabos, here you will find a series of tips and advice that will help you bring your ideas to reality whether you are thinking of an elopement or a micro wedding

This type of format is ideal for Cabo destination weddings. With that, you will be able to create a completely different experience in which all the guests feel part of the celebration from the first second.

To plan an intimate wedding in Los Cabos successfully, the first thing is to have the help of a specialist wedding planner who will help you optimize times, and resources and make the best decisions around all the vendors you will need, as well as the design of experiences through which your guests will be able to feel part of the destination with very funny and tailor-made happenings.

The step by step to know how to plan an intimate wedding in Los Cabos

The first thing you should do is visualize who you would like to have in that special moment. As it is an intimate wedding, each guest must be selected taking into consideration the special bond you have with them, the meaning they’ve had in your relationship, and how much communication you have together.

Making a conscious guest list will be the first filter to ensure that you only pick the right people without the need to fill out a document with hundreds of names of people you don’t even recognize anymore.

Consider that the secret of a perfect intimate wedding will be based on the connection between you, your partner, and all the guests.

One of the most common myths is that a destination wedding with these characteristics is usually cheaper; however, everything will depend on the priorities of the couple. Costs can be reduced by being a small number of guests, but can also be increased by adding activities to the wedding program.

Advantages of planning an intimate wedding

Intimate wedding in Los Cabos
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  1. Reduced number of guests. There is more space for close and personal experiences.
  2. You can enjoy more of the wedding budget. Take your priorities into account and create a surprising environment.
  3. The couple can share moments with all the guests. At the end of the day, everyone is there to enjoy every second with you two.
  4. The relationship between families will be ten times better by having a small number of attendees. In the happenings, there will be more opportunities for both to connect and to awaken a good vibe.

If you have questions about how to design the guest list, keep in mind that you should start with immediate family and best friends first. Once those spaces are secured, then you can move forward with the extended family.

It is important that as a couple you follow an order so as not to leave out anyone important.

Experiences for an intimate wedding

Some of the happenings that you can add to your destination wedding in Los Cabos are these:

  1. Private yacht trip
  2. Cooking class
  3. Fishing

The reality is that any activity is made easier by not having many guests.

Also, you can always focus on improving the experience for your guests as long as they enjoy this celebration more. For example, you can host everyone in the same hotel or in places that are in the same area so that transportation is not complicated.

If it is about surprising them from the first moment, then think about providing personalized details for each of the guests, as well as adding different experiences to ensure that there is a good vibe and that everyone can know some spots of the destination where the wedding will be.

Do I need a wedding planner to have an intimate wedding?

It is thought that because it is a small wedding, then the organization process is simpler; however, it is exactly the same as in a large wedding.

Another reason you need a destination wedding planner is that everything becomes more detailed and personalized. Attention shifts and unfolds further with each guest’s experience in mind.

Before you start organizing the wedding yourself, get advice from an expert who can help you choose vendors and coordinate the minute-by-minute of the wedding.

Remember that, despite being an intimate wedding, the planning time is the same as that of a conventional wedding, so do not trust yourself and hire an expert as soon as possible who will be with you step by step.

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Intimate wedding recpetion table set
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The wedding day 

There are many ways to create an incredible atmosphere if you decide to plan an intimate Los Cabos wedding.

The first thing will be the choice of venue. The fact that there is a mix between paradise and desert will give you endless possibilities to find a site that is right for your wedding. Among the huge list of options for wedding venues Los Cabos offers, you can choose from a hotel, a terrace overlooking the sea, a restaurant, or a garden.

Los Cabos offers a wide array of beautiful, trendy, luxurious hotels to get married.

For decoration, it is best to think about proximity. Being an intimate wedding and having few guests, the atmosphere has to generate a spirit of closeness. You can play with imperial tables and luxury details so that everyone has a mega instagrammable table experience.

For the catering, choose a Family style service so that everyone can share the food.

In the case of drinks, you can select the brands you want to have available and add to the experience with a tasting of mezcal or tequilas, without forgetting the signature drinks.

Knowing how to plan an intimate wedding in Los Cabos will give you a good idea of ​​how to enhance the experience of that special day with a completely different atmosphere, stylized, and fascinating aesthetic.

If you want to experience this wedding format more closely in such an enchanting destination, contact us! We will be happy to create the I do of your dreams.


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