Celebrate Your LGBTQ Destination Wedding in Los Cabos!

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
August 19, 2023

At Momentos Weddings & Events, we know that love is free and should be enjoyed to the fullest as you and your partner prefer. Los Cabos has become the perfect destination to celebrate your union and frame your LGBTQ destination wedding with many experiences. If you are thinking of walking down the aisle to meet the love of your life, we have all you need to choose this amazing piece of paradise for your I DO!

Same-sex marriage is the best opportunity to forget about the rules and design a tailor-made celebration, a day in which you and your partner enjoy closeness, togetherness, and the company of your most special guests. Los Cabos offers everything you need to create a weekend where the protagonists are you two and the wonderful views that the destination has to offer.

We know that many couples don’t have the best experience when planning an LGBTQ+ wedding; however, at Momentos, we are completely dedicated to creating an experience like no other around the best day of your life. Weddings are made to celebrate love in any way, without formulas or pre-established rules, so rest assured that in Los Cabos you will make all those dreams come true, and we’ll be more than happy and excited to accompany you in this amazing creative process.

Formalities you need to take into consideration

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In Mexico, gay marriage is legal, so you don’t have to worry about that. In any case, it is important to review, as with any other wedding, what are the procedures and papers that you need to have your marriage license. We will help you step by step so that you have no doubts about anything at all.

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Top venues for an LGBTQ destination wedding

In Los Cabos, you will find endless luxury venues, with extraordinary atmospheres and aesthetic surroundings to design a fascinating same-sex destination wedding. From hotels with privileged views of the sea to charming spaces with rustic gardens and orchards, or terraces and restaurants with a delicious gastronomic proposal, everything can be perfectly adapted to the vision you have of that special day.

The most important thing is that your guests also have a special place where they can experience each one of the phases of your wedding, so in this paradise, you will be able to find various spaces that offer all kinds of amenities, experiences, and details so that their stay during that wedding weekend is fun and worth remembering forever.

Finding an LGBTQ-Friendly venue is not complicated, on the contrary, all professional vendors are willing to create wonderful environments to celebrate your love story however you want and wherever you want! No place will refuse to host a wedding, which is why Los Cabos is a wonderful destination in every way!

If you haven’t looked for a venue yet, our Guide: The Best Wedding Venues in Los Cabos for 2024 will give you an overview of the diversity of wedding venues Los Cabos offers.

Same-sex wedding etiquette

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Los Cabos is the perfect destination because here you can forget all the traditional protocols of weddings to create a unique celebration. The rules can be changed as many times as you want so that you and your partner are in a celebration that represents you and where you feel freer than ever.

The best thing we can recommend is that you invite people with whom you really feel a deep closeness, remember that your wedding day must be a truly special date in every sense, so any invitation made from obligation or commitment must be forgotten. Enjoy your day and live it with whoever you want.

One of the things we like the most is the freedom offered by same-sex marriage. Couples do not have to adhere to the classic rules of who enters the altar before or after, since they can do it in many ways that preserve that special and unique stamp of their history. Imagine entering the ceremony with the love of your life, while experiencing the beauty of Los Cabos beach in all its splendor, a beautiful sunset, and emotions on the surface. There is nothing better!

The same thing happens with catering, reception, parties… We will find a way to make all your ideas and inspiration happen!

At Momentos Weddings & Events we know that each wedding has to be special, so we would like nothing more than to hear your ideas to exceed all the expectations you have of that I DO.

Dream vendor team!

What you can be sure of if you are looking for a good destination for your LGBTQ destination wedding is that in Los Cabos you will find a good offer of services and creative people who will be more than happy to accompany you not only in the creative process, but also to bring all your ideas to reality in a fascinating wedding.

We know the best people to assemble the dream team you need, we know how to accompany you and make you part of the step-by-step of that special day, and what excites us the most is that you can turn the paradise of Los Cabos into the perfect setting to celebrate love in style.

A big and diverse cultural offer

In addition to wedding venues, in Los Cabos, you will find many options to integrate into your wedding experience: wonderful beaches, magical towns, world-class restaurants as well as experiences and activities in which your guests will love to participate.

Being part of the destination and its culture will help you be closer to your wedding and all the details involved in it.

Celebrate love in full freedom, choose Los Cabos for your same-sex marriage, and enjoy everything that this wonderful destination offers you for a friendly LGBTQ destination wedding.

If you need help, contact us, to design together the best day of your life! Plan your samesex destination wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico, with the help of our professional team.


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