Margarita Time with Fatima Falcon, Wedding & Event Planner in Los Cabos

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
August 31, 2018
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Photo by Julieta. HMU by Olga Bustos, Los Cabos Makeup.

Today, we’re sitting at a beachfront restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, enjoying a margarita with Fatima Falcon, the owner of Momentos Los Cabos, a wedding and event planning company based in this beautiful piece of paradise we call home.

We’re watching the yachts gliding softly around Land’s End, activity at the Medano beach, swimmers, SUP-ers, and everyone enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Cabo. 


Fatima, how long have you been planning events?
I started in 2004 with corporate events, and weddings in 2007.

That’s 14 years already! That’s a long time!
I know! But it doesn’t feel that so many years have passed already! Planning weddings and events is my favorite thing! The fact that I am part of someone’s most special occasion in life or a unique celebration in Cabo humbles me. I love and enjoy seeing how all the elements are coming together through planning, and how people are enjoying the event on a final day, every detail we planned, every bite they make, every step they take. I love seeing how they are enjoying the event, this town, my country.  That fills me with so much joy! 

What is your favorite part about a wedding or event? 
I love seeing all the work materialized on the final day, and how all the (wedding) guests are enjoying it.

What is your primary goal when you are planning an event?
I want my clients to be calm and rest assured that they are in good hands, that they have an experienced, trustworthy, and passionate planner, who will be able to interpret their vision and present them with the best options of wedding vendors that will fit their style, needs, and budget.

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Photo by Julieta.


What is the focus of your wedding & event planning services?
In the past 14 years, I have not repeated the style or schedule of an event or wedding. I always personalize each celebration to my clients’ needs. I usually don’t do two events during the same weekend, which allows me to give quick follow-ups and be available for my clients when they come to town for their wedding or celebration.

What are your top 5 qualities as a wedding planner?
It’s hard for me to talk about myself, but what my clients often tell me is that I have helped them realize their vision to perfection and even better; that because of me, their wedding planning was stress-free; that they appreciate me being quick in getting back to their emails and questions; they are grateful for the attention they receive from me when they are here; and that the vendors I recommend to them are professional and highly skilled. 

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Where do you draw your inspiration when planning a wedding?
When I talk to my brides, we talk in depth about the style of the wedding that they visualize, their favorite colors, the elements that they would like to include. I take all the information that they give me and prepare a storyboard for them, where I create a draft of wedding design with each element, from flowers to candle holders, chairs, chuppah, cocktail hour, and wedding reception, so they can better visualize the entire setup. Based on that we start defining all the details for the final decor. I get inspiration from everywhere, street, magazines, fashion, architecture, movies, and travels.  

What advice do you have for brides planning a destination wedding?
I believe that having a wedding planner is a must. Not just because I am a wedding planner and would love to have more work (smiles), but because I genuinely believe that having a reliable wedding planner can help you save stress, time, and money in planning your destination wedding or event. Planning an event from another location by email and phone can be stressful enough as it is, but then finding the right vendors, organizing everything in (often) another language, and choosing the venue, food, and other elements for your big day,  can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with a location. Then, when you hire a wedding planner, trust her or him! 

My second tip is to trust your planner to help you choose a venue. In Los Cabos, we have many amazing resorts, hotels, wedding venues, and private villas, and based on the vision of your wedding; your planner will suggest you a couple of sites, which you can go and see together, and thus choose the one that will suit your needs best.

Having a destination wedding means that your guests will invest more in being part of your destination wedding; plane tickets, hotel, and time, which makes a destination wedding a real experience. I recommend considering adding some extra details for your guests, like welcome bags, a group activity that shows the destination or sharing a pleasant dinner with typical food of the location. These evenings are perfect for bonding and for wedding guests to get to know each other before the big day. 

If possible, I also recommend our couples to come and visit Los Cabos months before the wedding, so that you can see and choose the venues in person, taste the food, and meet some of the possible vendors. 

Weddings and events services in Los Cabos
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What are some of the upcoming trends in destination weddings?
Some of the trends I have noticed and am predicting to have more appearance shortly are eco-weddings; smaller bridal parties; hanging floral decor; first look with father, bridal party or close family members; stick candles in colors, and more. 

Why do you love Los Cabos and Baja?
I love the combination of the sea and mountains, and I love the fact that we have 350 days of sunshine per year! Before moving to Los Cabos in 2000, I lived in Cancun, and I missed the mountains. I enjoy the nature, the beaches, and as you can tell, I am a big fan of Mexico! I find Baja California Sur fascinating for its landscapes, beaches, people, seafood, peace. I came for six months, and I already have 18 years living here!  I was born in Cordoba, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Cordoba is a city surrounded by mountains, and I guess I love landscapes that remind me of my native home. I have lived by the beach since I was 17, and I have to admit that my favorite place is Los Cabos.

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What is your endless inspiration?
I adore traveling! I love getting to know different towns of Mexico, and I also enjoy going abroad and getting to know new cities and countries. I love learning from other countries and getting to know new points of view of people who live elsewhere. I like hearing love stories from our couples, how they got to know each other, how he (or she) proposed, and you can often see me cry at wedding ceremonies! I am very sentimental, and I love being part of our couples’ wedding stories. They always inspire me!

Thank you, Fatima! Salud!
It was my pleasure! Salud & lots of love always!

If you have any other question for Fatima or would love to ask her about other wedding tips, you can send her an email to [email protected] – she will be happy to help! Your home away from home nestled in palm tree tops in Los Cabos. 


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