Mexican Wedding Inspiration: 6 Tips to Shout “Viva!”

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
July 8, 2022

If you have already decided to celebrate a destination wedding in a place as magical as Los Cabos, you will surely love being part of the cultural magic Mexico offers, its traditions, and its colors, and you will probably love to integrate some Mexican wedding inspiration.

And although you don’t have to choose a completely themed Mexican wedding, there are plenty of Mexican cultural elements and traditions you can add to your wedding celebration to give it a very special vibe.

Today we share some tips that will help you choose Mexican elements for your wedding and how to incorporate them into the setting, the decoration, and the whole experience. Are you ready?

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Without a doubt, we Mexicans are extraordinary hosts, and our beautiful traditions invite you to celebrate with the best vibes. Weddings in Los Cabos are full of details, accessories, and ornaments that, in addition to telling the story of the couple, also invite all attendees to be a part of a fascinating place full of color, good music, and much more.

For your wedding experience to be much more fun, inclusive, and intimate, you will surely want to take note of these ideas to add Mexican inspiration and make the best day of your life even more wonderful.

1. A touch of Mexican elegance: Handmade embroidery

Mexican Embroidery Table Runner
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One of the ways you can bring Mexican inspiration to your wedding is through textiles that showcase the handcrafted effect of embroidery.

These can be displayed as part of the table runners in the wedding styling, as well as in souvenirs you can surprise your guests with.

Trust us, the color effect and intricate work of these pieces will be like having artwork at your wedding.

2. Classic Mexican wedding decoration: Papel Picado

Wedding decorations made with papel picado
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Papel Picado is one of our most festive decoration elements for special occasions, parties, and magical celebrations.

Papel Picado can be used for celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, rehearsal dinners, weddings, wedding showers, and many more.

The paper is intervened with different types of patterns and effects to give it a completely new, different, and personalized shape. Papel Picado looks amazing as part of the setting of an outdoor wedding in Los Cabos, in addition to the artisan spirit of the event being revealed in seconds. We love it!

3. Maracas to celebrate!

Use of maracas in weddings
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Maracas are one of the most traditional Mexican musical instruments. Their festive sound will cheer everyone up and make them enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Maracas are a great addon to the ceremony: when your guests play them all together during the departure of the newlyweds, the effect is fascinating.

This traditional musical instrument can also be integrated into the table styling as a personalized table indicator for each guest.

4. Piñatas

Mexican star-shaped piñata
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Breaking a piñata is an incredible experience. This is one of the most emblematic traditions in our national celebrations, and it gives you a great opportunity to break the ice among your guests or to surprise them during a rehearsal dinner or at the most epic moment of the party.

Piñatas can be filled with typical Mexican sweets or souvenirs specially designed for your guests.

5. Mariachi, the perfect Mexican wedding music

Newlyweds enjoying mariachi music
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Of course, music cannot be missing as an important element of the Mexican inspiration for your wedding.

Ceremonies on the beach lighten up when you have a band of mariachis playing while the bride and groom walk down the aisle. And the aesthetic proposal of their suits is a must to bring up the richness of Mexican traditions in the creative vision of your wedding in Los Cabos.

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6. A traditional Mexican menu

Mexican food buffet
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For wedding catering, you can design a family-style menu in which all the guests can taste some of the typical dishes the country and the region offer.

Guacamole is a must, as well as the enchiladas, corn served with chili and lemon (called Esquite in some regions of Mexico), fresh, flavored, Aguas Frescas made with jamaica flower or regional fruits, churros (a classic Mexican dessert), and the representative traditional dishes that have delighted palates all around the world.

Garambullo Catering recommends choosing an open menu to share with the guests a wider scope of Mexican gastronomy. The fried corn empanadas stuffed with flor de calabaza and huitlacoche are a true delight, as are the esquites accompanied by mayonnaise, chili powder, and a touch of lemon.

Garambullo also recommends paying tribute to the variety of moles that exist in the country, which can be accompanied with different types of protein to create delicious dishes.

The “Pescado a la veracruzana” (fish inspired by Veracruz’s essence) is one of the most flavorful dishes that can be served at your wedding, as well as the tlayudas from Oaxaca accompanied by chorizo ​​or cecina. The “Chile Poblano” is also a must if you want to create an unforgettable experience for the senses.

Garambullo Catering adds that choosing a Mexican menu builds on a great experience for all your guests. It can be adapted to any type of table and palates will be surprised by the use of traditional and gourmet techniques with which the dishes are prepared.

With these tips, we are sure that you will know how to design a wedding that not only has your style and personality but also combines the best of a Mexican destination like Los Cabos.

If you need help, guidance, or advice to plan the best day of your life, do not hesitate to contact us to make magic with you and bring your perfect wedding to life.


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