Pamper your guests with the best wedding favor bag

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
March 29, 2023

To create the best experience at your Cabo destination wedding, all details matter to win over your guests. A great way to welcome them and invite them to enjoy a few fascinating days is, precisely, with a wedding favor bag (or Wedding Welcome Bag) that welcomes them with the ideal details with which they will live your I Do to the fullest. If you still have doubts, discover everything you should put into your wedding welcome bags.

If you have already attended destination weddings, you will surely have received a wedding favor bag. This detail, in addition to being fun, gives a unique and personalized character to your wedding, making your guests feel like they are part of all the celebrations that will take place at your wedding. Imagine how they will feel when they get to the hotel room and the first thing they find is a gift specially designed for them. Wow!

What should you put in a wedding favor bag?

1. Welcome note

The first thing your guests should see is a note written by you and your partner thanking the attendees for being part of such a special occasion. Ideally, each note should be personalized so that it becomes a thoughtful detail for each guest.

2. Itineraries

If you are offering many activities or happenings around your wedding, it is very important that your guests are aware of all the details, schedules, dress codes, etc. I suggest that the designs of all the stationery are personalized and in tune with the atmosphere of your wedding. A creation with fun calligraphy, illustrations, and accents will make all the difference.

Welcome note with itinerary for Wedding Favor Bag
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3. A list that includes local activities

It can include tourist spots that should not be missed (in case there is free time to get to know the destination), exquisite restaurants, unmissable places for some photographs, etc.

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4. A Mexican touch

And what better way to add some Mexican touches than with a good dose of classic or typical sweets from the region? For your guests to be part of your destination wedding experience, this detail is basic, so you can include fruits with chili, tamarind, or traditional chocolates.

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5. Drinks

A mini bottle of tequila or mezcal should not be missing from a wedding favor bag. Be sure to add them and decorate them with a custom label. Do not forget bottles of water, which will surely be very necessary.

6. Hangover kit

So that there are no worries after the wedding, it is best to incorporate medicines or basic remedies for any mishap: Advil, Tums, chewing gum, Pesto Bismol, Altoids, Band-Aids, and more.

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7. A souvenir

A Mexican souvenir will be amazing in your wedding favor bag. You can give away alebrijes, hand-embroidered details, traditional dolls, and more.

8. The bag

Of course, we cannot forget the container for all these items. Make sure that the design of your wedding favor bag not only represents the Mexican essence and the destination but also the personality and character of your wedding.

Wedding Favor Bags with Souvenirs
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Choose an aesthetic and functional design, that becomes the favorite of all your guests. Don’t forget to add a custom stamp that pays homage to your I Do! Create the best experience at your wedding with a fun, cool, and highly functional wedding favor bag for your guests.

If you want to plan in detail all the experiences and happenings for a fascinating wedding in Los Cabos, contact us, and let’s design together the best day of your life.

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    Hello! We are coming from overseas for our wedding in Cabo. I am just looking at your wedding favour bags for our guests. Is that a service you offer?

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