Emily & Lloyd: An Earthy Terracotta-Inspired Wedding at Baja Luna

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
April 23, 2024

Every wedding brings a fresh chance to fall in love with the most endearing stories. That’s exactly what happened with Emily and Lloyd, a couple whose exquisite taste and the incredible emotions they shared made us fall for them in every stage of planning their big day. Together, we crafted an earthy, terracotta-inspired wedding, a celebration that stood out for its aesthetic, the surroundings of Los Cabos, and a spectacular venue: Baja Luna.

Discover the details of this “I DO.”

Emiliy and Lloyd’s Love Story

They met through friends in Minneapolis. Living in different states, they started connecting over the phone, getting to know each other deeply. They decided to get serious, realizing that the effort for a long-distance relationship is only worthy if the person is truly special. They felt their relationship was headed somewhere meaningful and started “officially” dating later that year. After nearly two years of long-distance dating, Emily moved to California. They moved in together in March of 2020, navigating through the quarantine years of COVID together. 

For the proposal, Lloyd and Emily were back in Minnesota, to help taking care of Emily’s mom. Lloyd planned a day to get Emily out of the house for some fun during a stressful time. They visited one of Emily’s favorite restaurants, and Lloyd booked a night stay at the hotel where they first met. Lloyd proposed on the hotel’s rooftop.

When we met them, Emily and Lloyd shared their dream of getting married in Los Cabos, drawn by their love for the destination and searching for a corner of the world where they could celebrate their love with friends and family.

The Wedding Planning Process

We began working 20 months before the wedding. The first step is to find and secure the venue.

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The venues

Emily loved the vibe of Baja Luna Los Cabos, a unique venue that allowed us to create an elegantly curated experience for them and their guests. The venue had beautiful spots and an amazing aesthetic, making it easy for both to fall in love. During the site visit, they were completely enamored. Baja Luna is one of our favorite spots as wedding planners. The architecture is beautifully designed and we love that we can create different experiences in this venue. The spots they chose for their destination wedding were:

  • The Chapel for the ceremony. 
  • The Poll for the cocktail area. 
  • The Janney Garden for reception and dancing. 

To achieve the ideal style for this terracotta-inspired wedding, the color palette was crucial: we selected distinctive colors like burnt orange, pale blush, antique white, bright white, sage, and garden green. Our goal was to create a natural and romantic atmosphere with pleasant surprises.

For Emily and Lloyd, it was essential that their guests enjoyed a mini-vacation at their wedding. Many guests were coming from Australia (the groom’s homeland), so having multiple events around the main celebration was key. They wanted a lengthy wedding program and, with that in mind, we designed a series of incredible happenings for everyone to enjoy wonderful days in Los Cabos.

The Host hotels:

We always suggest having a host hotel, as this is the opportunity for  friends and family to meet during the 3 -4 days of the wedding weekend, so they decide to go for 2 different hotels, with different styles, and rates:

  • Hilton: Located in the corridor, Emily & Lloyd picked up the Hilton to host one event on this property, they loved that this hotel has a swimmable beach and provides a hacienda-style look & feel.
  • Viceroy: Located in the San Jose del Cabo hotel zone (closer to Baja Luna), Viceroy was selected mainly for Emily and Lloyd’s stay and, of course, the getting-ready session & first look due to the aesthetic and beautiful water mirrors.

Both properties are very different from each other and both are amazing! Great food and services. Some guests chose Hilton, some other Viceroy.

a 4-day Wedding Itinerary

First Day: The rehearsal dinner was at Lumbre Restaurant, an incredibly cool spot located in San Jose’s Art District, a magical town captivating with its art-filled streets, color, and folklore. The gastronomic experience for all guests was delicious!

They enjoyed an extraordinary menu including chicken gyoza, tomatillo salsa verde & raw carrot salad; oxtail beef ravioli, creamy tomatillo sauce, sweet potato purée; crispy rice cracker, yellowfin tuna sashimi & rocoto, and octopus tostada, refried pinto beans, uni cream, Macha sauce, among many other dishes.

Second Day: For this day, we planned separate activities for the ladies and the gentleman.

Activity for him: We organized a golf session at Puerto Los Cabos.

Activity for her: We arranged an amazing spa day at Zadun, another must-visit luxury spot in the destination.

In the afternoon the couple held a welcome party at Hilton Los Cabos for all guests, where they enjoyed an amazing ocean view on one of the terraces.

Third Day (Wedding day): The wedding day was filled with fun and incredible emotions. We loved every second from the Getting Ready Sessions to setting up the ceremony, the decoration, and the reception. This was, without a doubt, an exceptional terracotta-inspired wedding in every sense.

Getting Ready & First Look took place at Viceroy and, after this happenings, we transported all guests to Baja Luna.

The ceremony was very meaningful, accompanied by beautiful songs for each moment. For the processional, “Lift Me Up” by Rihanna played; for the bride’s entrance, we had “2009 Instrumental” by Mac Miller, and for the newlyweds’ grand exit, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder.

During the cocktail hour, guests enjoyed delicious appetizers: zucchini rolls, teriyaki meatballs, mini tuna tostada, and bread with baba ganoush. Meanwhile, the music from Hiram Jafet, a saxophonist, captivated everyone, especially during the reception when he alternated with Alex Dj.

The reception menu didn’t miss a beat, featuring cheese and charcuterie boards, lobster and sashimi, as well as risotto, salmon, prime tomahawk, and for dessert: churros, fresh chocolate chip cookies, mini passionfruit tarts with Damiana meringue, and mango mousse shots with graham crumble and meringue. The wedding cake, flavored with vanilla, was a delight! And the figure of a special guest being present on the cake! Walter, their lovely lab.

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As for music, the first dance was harmonized to “I Am Yours” finalizing with cold fireworks!” The mother-son dance was set to “Days Like This” by Van Morrison. The entire night unfolded in an incredible vibe. One important happening was the participation of Hiram, a saxophonist who started playing with the DJ and guests were all excited about having the Sax on the dance floor, also Emily & Lloyd decided to have a backdrop from URBN Events. All guests enjoyed this interactive activity,

Fourth Day: Emily and Lloyd chose to have the Tropicat boat for the day after the wedding. It was the perfect chill-out activity for everyone, enjoying the stunning views of the Arch, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Cortez. And to top it off, they caught an epic sunset, sealing the deal on an unforgettable destination wedding experience in Los Cabos.

In conclusion, it was an absolute pleasure working with Emily and Lloyd. Witnessing their love being celebrated by guests from around the globe here in Mexico was truly heartwarming. I am overjoyed knowing that everyone departed with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Tips for a destination wedding in Los Cabos

If you’re considering celebrating your wedding in this beautiful paradise, here are some of our best tips:

  • Your destination wedding should be a well-thought-out, detailed, and polished experience so the couple and the guests can hold the best moments in their hearts.
  • It’s crucial for the couple to analyze what will be enjoyable for the guests. Knowing more about the ages and where they come from is essential for designing a tailor-made experience for your destination wedding in Los Cabos.
  • Falling in love with the venues selected for the different events.

Ready to start planning your dream wedding? Reach out to Momentos. Let us be the ones to help you craft a celebration full of unforgettable moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Your journey to an unforgettable “I DO” starts with us.

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Photos of this beautiful Terracotta-inspired wedding


Vendors that made this Farm Wedding a Flawless Success

Planning and design: @momentoscabowp
Florals: @letitbloomcabo
Dance floor: @cabolighting
Photography: @photobyjulieta
Dj: @alexdjcaboevents
Music: @jafetsax
Hair and Makeup: @pielcanelamakeupstudio
Venue: @bajalunamexico
Welcome Cocktail @hiltonloscabos
Rehearsal dinner venue: @neatbylumbre
Host Hotels: @hiltonloscabos @viceroyloscabos
Stationery: @cabofavors
Next day boat: @pezgatocabo


Bride’s Wedding Dress: @colbyjohnbridal
Bride’s Wedding Shoes: @stuartweitzman
Engagement ring/ring band: @tamsenz
Bride’s Wedding earrings: @untamedpetals
Bride’s Rehearsal Dinner: @aje
Bride’s Rehearsal Shoes: @jimmychoo

Groom’s suit: @thegrottomenswear
Groom’s shoes: @rmwilliams


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