Tips for the Mother and Father of the Bride Speeches

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
August 27, 2021

There is no doubt that listening to the mother and father of the bride’s speeches is one of the most anticipated moments at the wedding. There are many formulas that can be followed, and although all of them can be very successful, we share some recommendations to make this moment more special, emotional, and, why not, fun too.

The mother of the bride speech

Our recommendation is that the speech of the mother of the bride takes place during the rehearsal dinner. This is a perfect way to connect with the guests through a few words that describe the bride a little more, her love story, and some funny moments that everyone will surely love to hear.

The important thing is to keep it short and sweet, especially so that attention is not lost and energy flows between all the attendees. 

The perfect time is between 6 and 10 minutes (maximum), but no more. You must consider the responses of the guests, the laughter, and even the awkward but funny silences.

The speech of the mother of the bride should be written with a relaxed, loving, and fun tone. The essential thing is being grateful to the guests for being present on such an important day for the couple and, from that moment, tell in detail some anecdotes of the bride, for example: how she was as a child, the dreams she had, what was her biggest mischief, what was the most beautiful transformation she has had and how she realized that her daughter had found the man of her life.

It is worth highlighting some stories about the first date, or the moment when she confessed to the whole family that he was the right man and whom she wanted to marry. The speech should also mention the groom and the great partner that he is for her daughter, the reasons why she feels happy to integrate him into her family, and her best wishes for the couple.

The mother of the bride can also add some tips that can help the new couple to take care of her love, value it and treasure it. These tips will surely make the bride and groom exchange a very sweet and perfect look to accompany the moment.

The closing should be emotional, inviting everyone to raise their glasses and toast together for the happiness of the bride and groom. It is also worth talking about how the bride will impact the lives of her new family, her husband, the parents of her partner, and her children (if they plan to have them).

Wishing the newlyweds a happy marriage is key!

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The father of the bride speech

The bride’s father’s speech can be given at the rehearsal dinner or as part of the wedding. This, without a doubt, is one of the most emotional, so there will be many tears of emotion for sure!

The speech should last from 6 to 10 minutes and the tone should be more formal at the beginning and, as the minutes go by, more emotional.

The beginning should be a presentation of the family, especially if the parents of both have just met or if there are friends or relatives who have not had much contact with the family. The bride’s father should welcome the guests and thank everyone for their presence on that special day for his daughter and the groom.

It is very important that the father shares anecdotes about his daughter, some of them can be very sweet and he can also include some that are more fun. It is worth mentioning what he felt when he learned that he would have a daughter, what was one of the moments he most enjoyed with her, and, above all, tell all those stories in which he felt tremendously proud of her.

This is the perfect time to make a confession, for example: how he felt when she went to college, how he remembered her, or even what kinds of movies reminded him of her and why.

The bride’s father should also talk about her son-in-law, welcome him as a new member of the family and recap how he felt when she met him and how his affection for him has grown after so long. He can also share his thoughts about how he will be a great husband and partner for his daughter.

The closing of this speech should be accompanied by some tips for having a good marriage, how to maintain a healthy relationship, how to solve problems, and the importance of achieving good communication within the new family. Once done, he should propose to raise glasses and toast for the couple!

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