5 Tips for a Timeless, Classic Wedding, in Los Cabos

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
August 16, 2022

If you want your wedding photography to never go out of style, you love tradition and you want to take your creative side to another level on that big day, here we will share some of the best tips for you to have a timeless, classic wedding, in Los Cabos, a paradisiacal destination that offers you endless places, views, experiences, and possibilities for you to bring all your ideas to reality.

This type of wedding style is perfect for those who decide to put aside trends in order to create a detailed setting with an essence inspired by the classics.

Believe it or not, the beach is one of the scenarios that transcends time and trends, so a Cabo destination wedding will be a wise choice to create the classic wedding of your dreams, without leaving aside creativity and surprises. Take note of these 5 tips:

1. Choose a wedding venue with minimalist architectural inspiration

Wedding arch in the Beach for Classic Wedding
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One of the great advantages of having a classic wedding in Los Cabos is that you will be able to find options for places that not only offer you an unimaginable view of paradise but also have aesthetic details that will perfectly fulfill your vision.

We recommend you choose a wedding venue with simple and very marked lines, as well as scenarios where the entrance of lights stands out, wide spaces, and open scenarios so that you can experiment with all the ideas you have in mind.

The advantage of deciding on these spots is that you can have the best of both worlds: indoor areas or a magnificent outdoor setting with a view of the sea. Whatever your bet on decoration, rest assured that you will be able to experiment to give your wedding that classic touch.

Some of our favorite venues to have a timeless, classic wedding, in Los Cabos are:

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2. Choose classic timeless wedding colors

Wedding table setup using classic timeless wedding colors
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Although the venue will dictate the key aspects of your wedding style, a good choice of hues can deliver magic right away. It is best that you stay close to elegant combinations with some accents in metallic colors; you don’t have to think only in black and white or pastel colors, but you manage to create a synergy in which each tone complements the other.

We recommend choosing nude colors with rose gold or gold accents, as well as touches of blush, lavender, or blue. Incorporating natural textures in the table settings will give a surprising touch to the decoration, without detracting from the objective of making it classic and timeless. If you have doubts, you can always choose white as a base and accompany it with furniture like ghost chairs, for example.

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3. Choose seasonal flowers

Wedding Flower Bouquet made of Roses
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Without breaking the color scheme, floral design is also essential to have a classic wedding in Los Cabos. It is best to choose seasonal flowers for availability and price, in addition to the fact that you can easily choose them according to the tones for the decoration.

If you prefer to choose imported species, then your designer will have to make sure that you meet all the needs and requirements to keep the species alive. In case you have doubts or do not know how to combine flowers, you can always opt for foliage or the classic species that will not go unnoticed.

4. Key aspects of decoration

Table Styling for Classic Wedding in Los Cabos
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For your classic wedding to stand out, you don’t have to think only of fairy tales and highly produced atmospheres; on the contrary, a detailed atmosphere, with the correct accessories and traditional styling will be more than enough to create the best aesthetic experience on your wedding day.

You can experiment with table styles and shapes, plus you can display them with tablecloths or in their natural texture. The choice of chairs and furniture will also have to be done in accordance with the classic aesthetic, but this does not mean that you must completely forget about materials such as wood or marble.

When it comes to the styling of the tables, it is best to combine classic tableware with candles and crystals, without neglecting flower arrangements and some subtle touches with metallic tones.

5. Include elements inspired by the classics

Wedding Menu for classic wedding
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You can always opt for a timeless musical selection with your DJ, although you can also decide on a Big Band-style live music service with which you can create an even more classic atmosphere.

In the case of food and drinks, it will be best to select dishes that involve seasonal ingredients, with a design that is modern enough to attract attention but not too contemporary. You can make a selection of cocktails inspired by classic drinks that appeal to all palates.

Of course, you cannot forget about the wedding cake, one of the basics to have a charming classic wedding.

If you think of elegance, luxury, and majesty, we are sure that these tips will give you many ideas to have a classic and timeless wedding in Los Cabos.

You can also take a look at some Classic Weddings we have planned and designed for more inspiration.

Celebrating your wedding on the beach and in one of the hottest destinations in Mexico has never sounded so good. Contact us if you want to have a timeless, classic wedding, in paradise.


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