10 Tips to Achieve Breathtaking Wedding Tablescapes

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
November 25, 2022

We love thinking about the décor of your wedding because we know that all those details will be a reflection of the essence, personality, and character of that day that you have planned with so much love.

There are many elements that can transform the atmosphere of your event, but wedding tablescapes are a key piece in which the best of inspiration will be combined, and that is why I will share with you how to achieve a beautiful and creative tablescape for your wedding combining 10 key elements.

Believe it or not, styling is essential to transform your wedding experience into a wonderful and unique moment. All the phases of that day are important, but what happens at the tables, that Instagrammable moment that all the guests are waiting for, is absolutely unique.

Think about it this way: the attendees will spend many hours enjoying delicious food and lovely talks, so why not make sure to keep them in a very cool sensory experience, right?

The tables in the reception have to bear the stamp of the million dollar tables in fashion stores, that moment when you enter a boutique and find in the same space all the references of inspiration, colors, textures, and elements in trend with which you will create a dreamy look.

Well, you should take that same vibe to the décor of your I Do with details that enhance the experience.

Before anything else, you should know that thinking about wedding styling is essential for luxury to materialize in every detail. The best wedding tablescapes are the language through which you communicate your tastes, your essence, your personality, and that desire to set trends on the best day of your life.

Now, it is time to let your imagination run wild and transform that great day into a fantastic setting with the following unique wedding tablescapes we have designed. You can also take a look at our experience in planning and designing destination weddings.

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The basics of beautiful wedding tablescapes

  • The decoration must be in harmony with the style of that big day.
  • It is important to think of harmonic and elegant contrasts.
  • Think about dynamics when choosing high and low ornaments to create an interesting perspective.
  • Do not be afraid to mix textures, colors, and natural species, but always do it with a style in mind.
  • Remember that through this table you will make clear the inspiration behind your wedding.

1. Textiles

A combination of textures is absolutely necessary to achieve creative wedding tablescapes. I recommend you choose textiles with fluid and natural fabrics, that can move freely and that adds a very elegant touch to the tables through tablecloths, table runners, napkins with a handmade look, and much more.

If you think that the texture of the table should show off on its own, then you can opt for individual placemats made with artisanal techniques.

Textile examples for Wedding Tablescapes
  • Pinterest

2. Flower design for tablescapes

The proposal of flowers and natural species is one of the focuses of attention in the design of wedding tablescapes for the reception. To achieve a unique environment, it is best to think about color contrasts and a combination of flowers and foliage.

One of the most important trends is to make a mix of designs, opting for more elaborate centerpieces and some other very minimalist ones, without neglecting the dried nature effect for some details.

Of course, the range of colors should be based on the one you have chosen for your wedding.

Flower Design Example for Wedding Tablescapes
  • Pinterest

3. Candles

Without a doubt, candles are a key element to add warmth, elegance, and style to wedding tablescapes design.

I suggest you choose tall and short candles to create a very interesting dynamism in the decoration and choose them in neutral or pastel tones to add a very romantic effect. You can also opt for energetic tones if that’s the spirit of your I Do. The metallic bases are essential so that everything has a more harmonious meaning.

Candle use example for Wedding Tablescapes
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4. Crystals

A timeless stamp with which you will be able to transform the tablescape of your wedding. It is best to choose this material in its clear version, or with some light touches of color on the cups for a trendy result.

Different examples of Crystalware for wedding tablescapes
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5. Use fruits to achieve a surprising wedding tablescape

This is a detail that cannot be missed if you want to have an absolutely surprising décor. Fruits are a great complement to traditional centerpieces and with them, you can create very aesthetic Instagrammable moments on your big day.

I recommend you choose pears, pomegranates, red fruits, or figs to create a colorful wedding tablescape.

Wedding tablescape using fruits
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6. Flatware

The mix of styles and the contrast of prints and motifs is beautiful when it comes to flatware.

This step is basic if you want to create a wedding tablescape that inspires from a distance, and for this, it is best to opt for different plates that have a unique personality and that accompany the spirit of your wedding, without neglecting metallic accents, a pop of minimalist color and details.

The result will be impressive.

Flatware examples for wedding tablescape
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7. Hanging installations

Although they do not go on the table, these decorative elements are key so that the tables become a magical element of the wedding.

Choose installations with artistic proposals and complement them with details that attract attention, such as disco balls.

Hanging lamps and disco balls installation for beach wedding tablescape
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8. Create unique wedding tablescapes including personalized details

The wedding stationery proposal on the tables is crucial, and that is why we recommend our couples think about menu designs, table markers, and personalized details for the guests that are in tune with the typographic and design proposal of the wedding.

Personalized details examples for wedding tablescape
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9. Chairs

The best thing is to think of a furniture proposal that complements each other and with which you can create your own trends.

The wooden chairs are incredible, as well as the ghost-style chairs and others with more avant-garde design proposals. The choice will depend on the style of your wedding and the vibe you want to communicate.

Chair example for wedding tablescape
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10. Aesthetics above all

If you are planning a destination wedding and you want to reflect the luxury of that wonderful experience in Los Cabos, I recommend you give great importance to the decorative elements, their contrast, and the effect that together with the flowers they can create to achieve a unique and beautiful tablescape of your wedding.

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Aesthetic Wedding Tablescape in Sepia Tones
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If you want your destination wedding to become an unprecedented experience and celebrate it in the paradise of Los Cabos, contact us! We will be happy to accompany you on the best day of your life.


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