Top Wedding Food Trends for 2023

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
April 3, 2023

The idea is to have a fascinating experience at every moment of your wedding, especially with the selection of dishes that will be served at the reception. Pampering the palate of your guests will be a priority that you should not overlook and these wedding food trends for 2023 will be your best guide so that the flavors of your reception are simply wonderful.

Traditional catering

Traditional Wedding Catering
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Sitting at the table while the dishes you have chosen for the wedding are served will continue as a trend this 2023. The idea of being together and having a closer experience during lunch or dinner time will be essential so that, when the party starts, all the guests feel confident to get up and show off their best dance steps.

Choose interesting options for the menu and don’t forget about the design of each dish!

Food stations

Popsicles Food Station
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For your wedding reception to be quite an event, there is nothing better than opting for food stations with different offers of dishes, flavors, and ingredients. You can add a barbecue place, an oyster bar, and comfort food that your guests can enjoy in a style inspired by music festivals.

The most important thing is that there is enough variety of options so that everyone is satisfied.

Desserts Food Station
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Experience with a private chef

This is one of the top trends in wedding food in 2023. Nothing beats having an exclusive moment with one of your favorite chefs, while he or she prepares the dishes for that big day before your eyes.

The experience is perfect if you are thinking of a beautiful, intimate micro wedding or an elopement, in this way the attention will be more personalized and the contact with the chef will be better. Remember to design a menu that shows your personality and that of your partner, as well as your favorite flavors.

Family-style wedding food

The idea of bringing all the dishes to the center of the table so that the guests can enjoy an extraordinary banquet is the best!

This trend is perfect for a rustic or boho vibes wedding since the casual style will allow everyone to feel free to share and serve each other the delicacies that are in the center. Believe it or not, this trend can also replace centerpieces made with flowers to give food a leading place.

Late-night snacks

Of course, you can’t miss a good dose of sliders, french fries, and delicious food while the night and the party continue. This is a great surprise for your guests to keep their energy up all night, without having to think about leaving the wedding hungry. You can make a very interesting combination with your favorite snacks so that everyone is fascinated with the flavors.

Late Night Snacks Station with French Fries
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Remember that these wedding food trends for 2023 will be your best allies to create an incredible, fun, and delicious atmosphere in your I DO this year.

If you want to have a perfect destination wedding in Los Cabos, contact us! We would love to design with you the best day of your life.


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