Your Wedding in Todos Santos, the Perfect Destination for the Most Romantic Experience

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
April 30, 2021

If there’s one thing we love about destination weddings, it’s the experimentation and the search for locations that become the perfect place to see the beginning of a love story.

Todos Santos is the ideal example of everything that can be built around such a special date, a place in the Baja California peninsula that has become a charming place for couples looking to enjoy the Mexican essence and, at the same time, a fascinating town with many options to create the best experience for you, your partner, and your guests.

So, if you dream of having your wedding in Todos Santos keep reading.

Todos Santos is the best option to have a wedding or elopement in Baja California Sur and best of all, its atmosphere is perfect for relaxed couples who love arts and who are looking for a delicious gastronomic experience.

Celebrating your destination wedding in Todos Santos can be the most fascinating experience in your life.

The best season to celebrate an event in this place is from October to June, months in which you will be able to enjoy extraordinary weather and an endless number of activities to complement the experience around your wedding.

Remember that the most important thing in the planning of that special day also has to do with the happenings before or after the wedding, so it is vital not only to find a charming wedding venue that goes with the style of your event but also spaces or hot spots that are part of that experience. This will not only make your wedding day perfect, but also make everyone remember it as a trip full of memories, incredible touristic sites, sunsets, and very emotional experiences.

Where is Todos Santos?

Todos Santos is on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, the land immediately south of the United States and separated from mainland Mexico by the Sea of Cortez.

It is located in the municipality of La Paz, Baja California Sur state, about 2 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. Designated by the Mexican government as a “pueblo magico” (Magic village), Todos Santos is located 50 miles from the city of La Paz and 53 miles from the city of Cabo San Lucas, heading to the north. The Tropic of Cancer crosses exactly over Todos Santos.

You reach Todos Santos by flying to the Airport at La Paz or San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos) and then driving either south or north, respectively, on Highway 19.

Todos Santos and why you should have your wedding here

As expert wedding planners in Baja California, we are interested in giving couples the best options to celebrate their wedding. We love Todos Santos, as it is a magical town with a great artistic offer, besides being an incredibly famous place for its local and international gastronomic proposal. We love that many of the catering companies use local products, which makes responsible consumption an extra ingredient in the atmosphere of your wedding.

On the other hand, the quiet beaches are ideal for walking and enjoying incredible scenery, a fascinating photo session (check out these tips to achieve breathtaking wedding pics), and showing courtesy of those who conquer those magnificent showcases with their surfboards.

We cannot fail to mention that the contrast between the desert and the colorful vibe of its colonial streets is another of the characteristics that make this destination a unique place for weddings.

Among the iconic sites not to be missed if you are having a wedding in Todos Santos are Hotel California, Plaza de las Armas, Cerritos Surf Beach, and Pescadero. These spaces have the best atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy different experiences with the tropical and folkloric charm of this magical town.

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4 amazing and trendy wedding venues in Todos Santos, Mexico

Although Todos Santos has incredible spaces to celebrate a wedding in Baja California Sur, the next four venues are some of our favorites.

Hotel San Cristobal: a venue with magnificent views

To have an extraordinary wedding, this hotel is one of the best venues you will find in Todos Santos, a space where the best memories will be made. In addition to having spectacular views of the destination, the venue has a chapel inside the hotel that you can use for an intimate ceremony, whether religious or not. It has a capacity for 80 guests, making it an excellent option to say I do!

The beach is one of our favorite spots. It is surrounded by the majesty of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the places that will captivate the attention of all your guests. At Hotel San Cristobal you can celebrate private dinners, bonfires prior to the wedding day, and dream ceremonies facing the sea. The capacity is up to 130 guests.

El Mirador (an open-air terrace) is over the Pool Bar and has one of the most wonderful views of the destination. Hotel San Cristóbal has become one of the best venues in Todos Santos due to the versatility of spaces like this one, as well as the design and happenings that you can create to make your wedding weekend memorable from start to finish.

Of course, you don’t want to miss the Plaza, a space that is located in front of the chapel and Benno Restaurant. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and will be an incredible setting for you and your guests to enjoy a unique and very elegant rehearsal dinner. Everything is accompanied by the cool vibe of Todos Santos.

For the day after the wedding, nothing better than brunch by the pool. This place is available if the full rent of the property is made, but totally worth it. Enjoying the sunset in such a space is priceless!

We love Hotel San Cristobal for couples seeking adventure and fun, but who also enjoy a concept of luxury and majestic settings for their wedding. The contact with nature is precious, and its design is a fascinating invitation to discover the best of Mexico and its culture.

You will feel completely amazed at the beauty of this magnificent wedding venue. Guaranteed!

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Hotel San Cristobal Window Detail
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Pool area Hotel San Cristobal Todos Santos
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View of the Pacific Ocean from Hotel San Cristobal
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Hotel San Cristobal interior details. A relaxed and minimalistic atmosphere.
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Colorful staircase at Hotel San Cristobal
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A sample of Hotel's San Cristobal gastronomy and restaurant
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Room interiors of Hotel San Cristobal
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Cactae garden at Hotel San Cristobal
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Dum Todos Santos: A high-level gastronomic proposal

This beautiful venue can transport you from the desert to a tropical area full of palm trees in seconds. The touch of haute cuisine gives it a bonus so you can pamper all your guests with a delicious banquet. This wedding venue is located inside Rancho Corazón and has different areas for events, Dum restaurant being the most important one.

The best thing is that you can rent different fractions of the ranch to celebrate your wedding, depending on the number of guests you will have.

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Dum Hotel Todos Santos Baja California
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Beautiful spaces to celebrate your Todos Santos Wedding at Dum Hotel
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Wedding table arrangement Hotel Dum
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Dum Hotel Spaces
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Mixology at Dum Hotel
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Dum Restaurant wedding venue
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Dum Haute Cuisine for Todos Santos Wedding
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Dum Restaurant Wedding Catering
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Desserts at Dum Restaurant
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Paradero: for a wedding in the middle of the desert

Paradero is another of the hot spots Todos Santos has for your wedding in Baja California Sur. This hotel is in the middle of the desert, and its minimalist architecture makes it a beauty, although its rustic design also stands out. It also has incredible views of the mountains and orchards. A true haven of peace.

Among the favorite areas are the pool for the ceremony and the restaurant area for the reception. Every detail is beautiful and unique.

The type of events we love to design here is bohemian weddings with an eclectic spirit, weddings inspired by the desert, cacti, and the natural beauty of the locations.

Paradero Hotel Todos Santos Wedding Venue
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Paradero Hotel Lobby
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Paradero Hotel Todos Santos
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Paradero Hotel Desert Views
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Paradero Hotel Infinity Pool
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Swimming Pool
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Hotel Paradero Wedding Areas
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Paradero Hotel Rooms
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Cozy Bedrooms Paradero Hotel Todos Santos
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Room Terrace Paradero Hotel
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Oystera: an atmosphere like no other

A new space for good living on the coast of Todos Santos. Oystera is a restaurant that completely breaks the rules to offer you an atmosphere like no other. As you can imagine, the house specialty is oysters, although you can also find an extraordinary menu to pamper the palates of all your guests.

The design is beautiful, with lovely decoration and a very aesthetic atmosphere for you to enjoy a rehearsal dinner or a welcome dinner before the wedding. Here you will not only be able to enjoy an unprecedented gastronomic proposal but also spectacular photographs with which you will be able to relive your wedding day.

The proposal for this venue in Todos Santos was born with the purpose of giving prominence to local ingredients, the fishing community, and the Baja Sur region. Here, the richness of the seas and the benefits of the garden meet and make a combination that lands in each of the dishes that are prepared.

You won’t want to miss the summer cocktails and the many oyster preparations. And of course, you don’t want to miss out on the incredible spaces that make up its design.

A must if you get married in Todos Santos.

Other venues you should know about for your Todos Santos wedding

If you are truly interested in celebrating your big day in Todos Santos, you should also check Villa Santa Cruz and Pachamama.

All these wedding venues in Todos Santos that we review have charming spaces to celebrate all the phases of your I Do and turn that date into a successful celebration.

Do not forget that the choice of venue for your wedding is fundamental to setting the foundations of the event and designing the aesthetic experience. The selection should be based on the tastes, preferences, style, and budget of the bride and groom, highlighting the priorities that the location must meet.

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Be amazed by all the wonders that Todos Santos has to offer and choose this beautiful town as the place to have a spectacular wedding in Baja California Sur!

And do not forget that you can enjoy an amazing honeymoon in Todos Santos and spend some wonderful, romantic days, as newlyweds in this beautiful, magical town.

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If you are looking for a professional, remember you can contact us. As expert wedding planners in Los Cabos, we will give you all the references to start organizing your wedding in Baja California.

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