Wedding Photography in Los Cabos: Tips to Achieve Breathtaking Pics

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
July 5, 2022

One of the most beautiful happenings before and during the wedding is the photo session. There are many reasons why wedding photography is one of the essential services for the occasion, especially when you think about the visual legacy and the magnificent memories you will have of that great day with the love of your life. Of course, for this you will want each image to be a statement of your personality and aesthetics, right?

For you to achieve it and not feel intimidated by the camera, here we share some tips to enjoy a memorable photo session as a couple in Los Cabos.

Without a doubt, the best thing you can do is forget about the poses and perfection to guarantee your final images are breathtaking and your photo session runs smoothly.

If you liked the portfolio of your wedding photographer, then trust his or her vision and the way they will tell your story visually, this will help you have a better relationship with her or him and make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. In any case, take note of the following tips, with insights from two of the best wedding photographers in Cabo San Lucas.

1. Choose a venue that suits your personality and style

Wedding Photography in Los Cabos: Alexa and Jorden Session
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So that you can enjoy your photo session with your partner, it is best to choose a spot that represents both of you and that is a key piece to communicate your style as bride and groom.

If you have already decided on a destination wedding in Los Cabos, here you can find wonderful beaches, as well as luxury hotels, magic towns such as Todos Santos, cool restaurants with very instagrammable spaces, and fantastic surroundings so that you live each click to the fullest and have a fascinating result.

With all the stunning options Los Cabos offers to achieve an amazing set of wedding photos, we decided to ask 2 experienced wedding photographers about their favorite venues.

For Fer de la Rosa, a wedding photographer based in Todos Santos, the best venues are:

  • Art District San Jose del Cabo: “colorful and Mexican vibe with a fun twist”.
  • Palmilla Beach: “I love the view of the landscape of San Jose del Cabo and the mix between ocean and rocks”.
  • Monumentos Beach (The Cape): “This one is my favorite because it is public, with easy access, rocks, and a phenomenal view of the famous Arch.

Daniela Ortiz, a wedding photographer with more than 9 years of experience, shares with us her 2 favorite spots for a fabulous photo shoot:

  • Downtown San Jose: “it’s full of amazing and colorful spots”.
  • Misiones Beach: “has lovely rock formations and the classic Cabo landmark”.

2. Choose an outfit with which you feel comfortable and confident

Wedding Photography in Los Cabos: Bethany and Tom Session
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The photo session with your partner should also be the exact moment for your style to be defined, which is why it is essential to choose an outfit that makes you feel incredibly beautiful, comfortable, and free to move.

If you chose the countryside as a spot for this happening, then avoid wearing heels or very tight clothing; if the wedding will be extremely elegant and you want to communicate the same as a couple, then choose an outfit according to the occasion. Always base each and every one of your decisions on your personal style.

“Wear something you feel comfortable with, leave the high heels, and enjoy the sand at the beach”, suggests Fer de la Rosa. And adds: “You can wear any color, red or a good floral dress are one of my favorites choices for brides; white or khaki shirt for gentlemen”.

Wedding photographer Daniela Ortiz shares this tip: “Put some effort into your clothing, hair, and makeup, choose a photographer that you click with, and be yourself”.

3. Wedding photography is not about perfect” poses

Alexa and Jorden Walking on the Beach
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Although the temptation is great, remember that one of the priorities in any photo shoot with your partner is that your relationship and your personality are captured in the final images.

Perfection must be forgotten, although you can always ask your photographer for help on direction issues, especially if you feel very intimidated by the camera or do not know how to move in front of it.

You can find inspiration and ideas on Pinterest or Instagram, but we don’t recommend that you base all your expectations on these images either, because you won’t get the most out of this important moment.

Both Daniela and Fer agree that if you’re shy, you can have a shot of tequila before the session to relax and enjoy even more your photo shoot in Los Cabos. Salud!

4. Trust your photographer’s vision

Bethany and Tom Photo Session in downtown San Jose del Cabo
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Before asking for a meticulous review of each of the photographs, relax and let the professional wedding photographer guide you. We assure you that if you and your partner oversee enjoying and having fun to the fullest during these moments, the final images will be a tremendous surprise for both of you.

Remember that pre-wedding sessions are ideal to break the ice and feel more comfortable in front of the camera on the day you say I do.

5. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions

Yassee and Yuri Engagement Photo Session at Acre Baja
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If you want your Cabo wedding photography session to be magical from start to finish, then don’t be afraid to show yourself as you are with the love of your life.

Do not expect that all the photographs will reflect smiles since the objective is to experiment with a whole range of feelings so that the essence of each photograph is unique, special, and fun. You will not regret the result.

Fer de la Rosa shares that sunrise is a perfect moment of the day for your photo shoot. “The beach is always empty and is perfect if you’re shy. Sunset is always my favorite time of the day, an hour before the sun goes down”.

For Daniela Ortiz “the best time for photos is 1 to 2 hours before sunset, so it depends on the season”.

We are sure that with these tips you will be able to enjoy an ideal, fun, and completely romantic couple photo session in Los Cabos. If you need help planning the best day of your life, contact us: Let’s do magic at your wedding.


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