What to Wear for Engagement Photo Shoot: 8 tips

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
March 22, 2023

Celebrating your engagement in a setting as idyllic as Los Cabos is the best idea to have fascinating memories of that romantic moment. If you and your partner have already thought about having an engagement photo session, today I want to share what to wear for your engagement photo shoot.

According to our experience, these outfit options will be incredible for both of you to look spectacular and better than ever!

What to wear for an engagement photo shoot in Los Cabos?

Before packing all the outfits that you can think of, pay attention to this list with some key ideas that you can transform to make them look even better in the middle of the beach and with the unique views that Los Cabos will give you. Get ready, because, after this, your photos will become a sensation!

Los Cabos offers many of the best engagement photo shoot locations.

Choose engagement photo shoot outfits that make you feel YOU

If you have picked a destination as paradisiacal as Los Cabos, and wonder what to wear for your engagement photo shoot, choosing fluid designs will help you feel freer than ever while you enjoy the waves of the sea and the wonderful climate of Los Cabos.

The goal of this engagement photo shoot outfit idea is for you to feel safe, and comfortable, and to fully enjoy that special session. Even if you are looking for very cool styling, it should always be in accordance with your personality.

Couple wearing fluid, comfortable, clothes for photo shooting in Los Cabos.
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Choose more than one look, but not too many

Taking advantage of time will be key during your engagement photos, so if you don’t want to look the same throughout the session, the best thing I can recommend is that you choose a couple of outfits that contrast with each other and with which you feel perfect to conquer Los Cabos.

You can choose a very striking dress and as a second option one in a neutral tone.

Couple Wearing Different Outfits for Engagement Photo Shooting in Los Cabos
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Choose timeless colors, even if they are showy

It is not necessary that you lean only towards neutral tones, but it is true that these have a charming effect in the middle of the beach. In any case, you can always play with more risky colors, that do not contrast too much with the environment, but instead become very stylish protagonists during the session. You can even bet on subtle prints, leaving aside striped or checkered patterns, for example.

Couple Walking Through San Jose del Cabo for Engagement Photo Session
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It is important to have a defined color palette

And that doesn’t mean that you and your partner have to match perfectly, but that both of you have to communicate your personality within a harmonious tone scheme that suits the beauty of the setting. In this way, neither of you will overshadow the other and, on the contrary, each one will have their space to shine and look perfect in every photo shot during the session.

Forget heels and uncomfortable shoes

The best thing will be that you choose a very natural and comfortable style so that you can walk, jump and dance without discomfort in between. Going barefoot will be the best solution if you want to enjoy a session on the beach, although a very cool pair of tennis shoes, flats, or very small heels will look amazing in case you want to take your photos in a town like Todos Santos.

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Couple walking Barefoot in the Beach for Engagement Photo Shooting at Los Cabos
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Wear at least one flashy accessory

And with which you can complement the looks you have chosen. A hat, a statement necklace, a bracelet, or earrings that make you feel spectacular will be more than enough. If you prefer, it is also valid not to add accessories to your look.

Add a bouquet

The flowers will be a great element to wear as an accessory that you can add and remove whenever you prefer, in addition to being an incomparable bridal stamp.

Collect inspiration, but let yourself be surprised

Having an inspiration board is a great option, but it is also a great option to trust your photographer’s vision so that you have the best photography session in Los Cabos as a result. Let go, forget about the camera, and focus on enjoying a perfect day in paradise with the love of your life. There is nothing better!

If you want to have ideal engagement photos in Los Cabos (or an amazing Engagement Party), in the best spots, and with incredible vendors, contact us and let us make your dream come true in one of the best destinations in Mexico.


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