4 powerful reasons to hire a wedding planner

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
January 18, 2021

“A dream come true”… this inevitable and, at the same time, magnificent feeling, starts from the very first moment you commit to the love of your life and start thinking about your wedding.

It is also the first thing that crosses our minds when we have decided to renew our vows with the person who has been our partner through the years and keeps being the right one. Because life is made of moments, therefore, most transcendent ones must remain as perfect dreams. 

Today, more than ever, this phrase makes perfect sense thanks to the advice of an expert wedding planner.

As professional wedding planners, we offer and provide all our knowledge, experience, and, most of all, our passion.

Hiring a wedding planner means you will have the support to make your dreams come true and materialize that perfect image you have crafted in your mind for the moment you pronounce for the first time or renew your vows in your dream destination.

And, of course, we aim to go beyond your expectations, so the moment stays in your mind and the minds of your significant one and your beloved ones. Forged as a solid memory, an unforgettable dream. 

Why hire a destination wedding planner?

A wedding planner, also known as a wedding coordinator, should not be considered only for destination weddings, but also for local ones. We have many years of experience and, most of all, we have achieved an extraordinary record of customer satisfaction. They, our customers themselves, have expressed the difference between having and not having us as their wedding planners.

And, just recently, we were announced as a winner of the 2021 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award. We are very happy! 

Many of our customers, businessmen, and women or senior executives, agree that planning is essential for any successful business. In other words, it would be inconceivable to even start thinking of carrying out a new business without having planned it first…. therefore, why should the most important event of our lives as a couple be done differently?  

And just as in the business world there are expert consultants and advisors, in the wedding environment there are experts too, who are capable of planning and executing local or destination weddings, micro weddings, vows renewal ceremonies, or an elopement, and help you make your dreamed and unique moment come true.

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4 reasons to hire a wedding planner 

1. Passion for what we do

It is not only about planning the moment to perfection. That can be done by many other people who have significant careers in the wedding market. The difference is we are passionate from the very first meeting with you and your sweetheart and listen to your dreams from beginning to end.

We vibrate to create extraordinary experiences by taking care of every single detail that will make your wedding or vow renewal unique because all our actions aim to make that moment a one-life experience for you and your guests.

That is what makes a difference in the work we do. We definitely make your dream our own.

2. Consolidated experience

Involving a wedding planner is essential to make your big moment something memorable and stylish because we understand your vision and take care of every detail.

With us, your event will be carried out (from the very first meeting to the end), by an expert who has great knowledge, not only in wedding matters but masters all factors related to the chosen destination. Our field of action is not only limited to the event, but the global experience before, during, and after the wedding.

3. Peace of mind and confidence

As wedding planners, we are experts in logistics and oversee all the aspects involved in the realization of a destination wedding. This reduces the chances of unexpected events or surprises that could generate stress and, in case they come up, we will solve them professionally.

We are tremendously analytical, and we offer a very close and detailed point of view when we advise you about the fundamental aspects of planning your wedding, elopement, or vow renewal destination ceremony.

Among many other details, we will acknowledge you to pick the best season to fulfill your dream, suggest special places, and the best menu options according to the season. It is not just about the event: we are aware the experience begins at home and ends when all your guests travel back to their original places. 

4. Local networking

This is one of our biggest strengths and we know almost all the local suppliers since we have been working with them for a long time. That is why we can accomplish every wish. Even the most exotic or special ones.

In the same way, we always count on a second or third option to solve any inconvenience during the development of your event. This local networking helps us offer you stress-free experiences that last from the very beginning, during your whole stay, and until the end of it.

Aren’t those 4 reasons enough to hire a wedding planner?

Reasons to hire a wedding planner
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What does a wedding planner do?

Destination weddings are not only about meticulous coordination, but they also involve the necessity of having local eyes. There is nothing like being in the place where your dream will come true and being positive that your wedding will turn out into a lifelong lasting memory.

If you have decided to hire a wedding planner, you should know some of the tasks that we, as professional wedding coordinators, take care of:

1. The complete event design is based on your story, personality, and aesthetic preferences. We listen to your vision, perfectly understand your dream, and make it come true. We pay close attention to your wishes to know exactly what you want, and how you want it, and make sure everything runs smoothly when the moment comes.

2. Providing you with an incredibly detailed plan where you can see your ideas for the reception, the ceremony, and of course, the extra events, which are an important piece of the plan to make your guests enjoy and experience an awesome time. This means presenting to you the site plans of the suggested wedding venues for the reception and ceremony, and the meetings to define the logistic, furniture, decor, themes (per event), environment, music, food, and wedding favors for the guests, among many other details.

A wedding planner will design an incredibly detailed plan
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3. Giving you extremely valuable guidance and information on the specific laws and regulations of Los Cabos, necessary permits, marriage license requirements, and other procedures and paperwork, so the event takes place within all legal areas, avoiding surprises or negative situations. We know and sort out all legal aspects of getting married in Mexico.

4. To offer you the portfolio of professional suppliers that have been previously qualified and whom we know perfectly, as they meet our excellence and quality standards. This way, we can choose the suppliers that are the best match to bring to reality the vision you have for the big day. This will save you tons of time doing research and asking for information.

5. Give you accurate consulting while sticking to your budget. We are realistic consultants who will be able to give you the best advice on whether the budget is right or not to make your vision come true. We are confident and experienced enough to advise you on where it is worth investing more resources and where we could generate savings or cut expenses. This is about making smart use of your budget and allocating the resources in the best way possible.

6. So, now that we have shaped a dream team of vendors to materialize your dream wedding, we coordinate all of them to cover even the smallest detail of what you want, making it remarkably simple and stress-free for you since we will always be your only contact throughout this incredible experience.

A wedding planner coordinates vendors
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7. Wedding weekend itinerary: we create a schedule for the group activities you want to include in the celebration to share with your friends and family, always ensuring the whole group receives the same care and personalization as the bride and groom.

8. We will also take care of managing room blocks, rental homes, and villas for wedding guests and manage reservations and guest lists to the best places in town, so the pleasant experience continues beyond the ceremony, saving everyone time to keep enjoying the destination.

9. Be completely aware of what works and what does not. We are truly familiarized with the capacities of each spot and venue and the best seating arrangement. We guarantee that not only you and your partner will have the best ceremony, but also your guests. We make sure everyone enjoys the event to the fullest and always feels comfortable and safe.

As you can see, all that we have mentioned shows our passion as wedding coordinators to create and design the best events during your local stay. We are the first ones to understand and are aware that this memorable moment will transcend throughout your life. 

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A wedding planner is your best ally 

The main characters of a wedding should be radiant, excited, and focused on their moment. As professional wedding planners, our goal is to make planning your Cabo destination wedding seamless and stress-free, so you and yours can relax, and remain present, leaving unnecessary stress out of the planning process and as the event goes by.

We know how appealing the thought of having a romantic destination beach wedding is. And we are also aware that thinking of planning a big event far from home can be a bit unsettling.

We relieve you from the burden of searching and hiring local vendors, finding out where your guests will lodge, and deciding on the best activities to do and places to see, and that is why hiring a destination wedding planner becomes a great idea.

A wedding planner can be your main ally to sort out all that is involved when it comes to planning a destination wedding. Although our main work is to perform the most extraordinary and unforgettable ceremony, the reality is that the objectives are much more complete and complex.

Knowing your wedding planner and being aware of how valuable their work is, will lead you to decide to involve her much before the ceremony, and during the event.

This decision will turn into a positive experience not only for you but for family and friends who will also experience the emotion of your wedding and who will keep the best moments in their memories while enjoying the place.

And this is not only because of the intervention of a local, professional, highly committed wedding planner but, above all, because of the passion, we pour into making your dreams come true.

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