The beautiful intimacy of Micro Weddings

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
March 15, 2021

Did your sweetheart pop the question and you said yes? What is next? Without a doubt, the following is the long-awaited wedding, that day you have dreamed of, a day that must be special, perfect, unrepeatable, and unforgettable. And from the moment you say yes, there will be countless decisions to make.

One of the first things you will have to figure out is which type of wedding you want to have.

These days, when we need to think of new and different ways of doing many things, including weddings, you should know that there are other types of ceremonies, different from those big weddings we were used to.

One of the here-to-stay trends in weddings is the so-called Micro Weddings, which have been gaining popularity. Micro Weddings (or small weddings) have been so successful in terms of enjoyment for the bride and groom and their guests, that now have become quite a trend.

And if we dig deeper, into the smallest part of a celebration like this, we will understand that for the most part, it is a party for two.

However, sometimes this particularly important aspect of a wedding is overviewed, and the couple becomes entangled in the organization of a party which sometimes stresses them.

That is where the charm of micro weddings is. It turns out to be a much more intimate event. Small Weddings turn out to have a special charm, a touch of intimacy, that larger events cannot offer sometimes.

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But what is a Micro Wedding?

Strictly speaking, a Micro Wedding is a smaller-scale wedding, in which there are few guests (10 to 40 people) who are usually the couple’s closest and dearest friends and relatives.

It should not be confused with an elopement.

Micro weddings can be ceremonies full of details and memorable moments that can be made possible due to the small number of guests.

Usually, micro weddings include the same elements as any other large-scale wedding, but in a smaller-scale version. Nothing is given up, except the number of guests, and it could range from an amazingly simple event to a full-luxury celebration.

For example, Kelly and Mike decided on an intimate, very romantic wedding, with only 16 guests, which was a real pleasure to plan and design.

Why choose to celebrate a Micro Wedding?

It would be unfair to say that Micro Weddings are only related to the health issues we have been experiencing.

Perhaps, this only contributed a bit more to bringing micro weddings into the spotlight.

However, couples who have chosen this option point out many of its benefits.

They affirm, for example, that less money is spent on some features like the venue or the number of people needed for the service, which allows spending more on each one of their few guests and more on the details for the ceremony and the party.

Another facet that is highly valued in micro weddings is the time that can be spent with the guests. While in a large wedding the couple can only spend a few minutes with each guest, in a smaller wedding the time to share is much greater and also of higher quality.

On the other hand, they all point out that they lived a more authentic experience, in which they put aside social commitments to share an incredibly special moment only with those who are interested in their happiness and well-being.

Micro Wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico
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How to Plan a Micro Wedding

The most important aspects of Micro Weddings are “intimacy and details”. Though we strongly recommend hiring a wedding planner to help you manage the fundamental aspects of your micro wedding, if you opt for planning it yourself, here is a checklist of some things to do:

1. Tell the big news to your closest friends and family. Your marriage bond must be congruent with your decision to marry in a smaller-scale wedding, which means that it must be full of details and memorable moments. Your wedding announcement should be just as important as the celebration itself. Find a way to make it special, it can be with a surprise video call, a special dinner, sending a card, or a small gift carrying the big news.

2. Define the place and the date. You must decide the date for the ceremony and the place where it will take place. In the case of micro weddings, the variety of places you can choose from is wider, since huge places are not required. It can be carried out in a cafe, a restaurant, an art gallery, a beautiful beach by the ocean, or a small garden and, since it will cost less than a big venue, it will be possible to invest more budget in decoration or a better menu.

3. Establish a budget. The idea is to start with a budget and a list of expenses that includes, the rent of the place, invitations, photography, food & beverages menu, the decoration, the details, and your attire, among other things. Once you have the list, distribute the expenses so that you can see how you are going to allocate the resources. Stick to the initial budget as much as possible.

4. The guest list. Probably this is the most complex part of planning micro weddings. Set aside a special day to do it and do it in a quiet place, sipping a coffee or a glass of wine, and playing some music that makes the moment something unique. You can start including all your dearest people. The closer ones. If the list is greater than 30 or 40 people begin to reduce it, considering that some people might not be able to attend. Remember that the sealer is the deep and meaningful relationships you have with the people who will be witnessing your union. They are the people you love the most and who always wish you well. Do not lose sight of this thought, since it will help you recognize who the ideal guests are.

5. Define a style. Now that you have a budget and a limpid vision of what you want for your wedding, it is time to define what style or theme your celebration will have. This will lead your way to choosing the menu, decor, outfits, and the rest of the things. This will be of great aid in choosing the kind of providers you need.

6. Choose the dress and the groom’s outfit! If you have already defined the style of the wedding and the place, you must start looking for your dress and what the groom is going to wear. Even though the two of you should enjoy this moment, the bride should be truly clear about it. Do not let nerves or stress cloud your dress choice. It is one of the things you will remember the most. Choose what you feel the most comfortable with and that corresponds to the style of the wedding. Above all, pick a dress that makes you feel beautiful without changing your essence. Remember that once you have defined what you two will wear, you can define the dress code for your guests.

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7. The details. With a smaller budget used for the banquet, you can feel free to hire a good photographer, florist, tableware, lots of lights, and special details for your guests. If you cannot travel to your wedding destination or do not have enough time to dive into the planning of the event, you can always use part of the budget to hire a wedding planner to help you.

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8. Relax and enjoy. Reserve the last day before your wedding to enjoy an afternoon of movies, a special meal alone, a bike ride, a visit to the spa, a walk, or a beauty session for both of you.

Micro Wedding Esperanza Los Cabos
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Other petite committee weddings

The trend of organizing smaller weddings than the traditional ones is not limited to micro weddings, there are two other small wedding formats you can consider.

Elopement Weddings: These are the ones in which the couple “runs away” to marry privately, or even sometimes secretly, to a special place. Usually in this type of wedding, the couple is only accompanied by the person who will officiate the union, a photographer, and in some cases, a couple of relatives or friends. However, an elopement wedding does not exceed 5 to 10 people.

Elopements are very intimate weddings with strong emotional ingredients. Usually, the couple exchanges their vows in a place that has a special meaning to both and then spends the rest of the day alone enjoying their new and romantic condition.

Though these weddings require a minimum of organization, the ceremony can be full of details that can be recorded on a video that can later be shared with family and friends who did not attend.

And just because an elopement is a very intimate ceremony, it doesn’t have to lack luxury. Read the story of Shah and Darryle, with whom I enjoyed an exceptional day from start to finish when I planned their beautiful elopement at the Marquis Los Cabos hotel.

Minimony weddings: It is a wedding in which only the bride and groom are present. It is basically a moment of commitment shared between yourselves, with no more than 5 to 8 guests. The experience consists of handwritten vows, a dance, and a photo session.

Similarly, these are weddings that require less organization. Perhaps what is worth investing in this type of wedding is excellent photography and high-quality videos.

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The fact that micro weddings, elopements, and minimonies have fewer or no guests at all, does not mean that both the groom and the bride should be incredibly careful when choosing the attire. They should think of something they would wear at a wedding for 300 guests. The pictures will be the testimony of their union and will probably be shared with all your friends and relatives.

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Amazing venues to celebrate micro weddings in Los Cabos

When couples ask me for wedding venues where they can celebrate a micro wedding these are some of the places I consider to be more intimate and beautiful (in no particular order):

Acre Baja

Acre, Los Cabos, Micro wedding
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Casa La Laguna

Casa La Laguna Villa Los Cabos
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Hotel El Ganzo

Hotel El Ganzo Micro Weddings
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Esperanza Resort

Esperanza Resort Micro Wedding
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Paradero Hotel

Paradero Hotel Los Cabos Wedding
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Paradiso Perduto

Villa Paradiso Perduto Los Cabos Weddings
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Sunset Da Monalisa

Sunset Da Mona Lisa Micro Wedding
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Villa Marcella

Villa Marcella Los Cabos Micro Wedding
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Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal Micro Wedding
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If you are looking for a very intimate Cabo destination wedding, full of details, and sharing with the people closest to you and your partner, micro weddings are an exceptionally fine choice. Your big day will become an unforgettable experience due to its tranquility and beautiful touch of intimacy. You can ask for a complimentary consultation here.

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