Beach Wedding: Inspiration and Tips

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
March 30, 2021

A Beach Wedding can be captivating and charming for many reasons; the romantic oceanfront setting with its spectacular green and blue tones, the beautiful natural environment that frames the ceremony, or the wind and waves that add the most delightful soundtrack to the event, are just a few to mention.

Outdoor weddings in gardens or patios are nice bets; however, a beach wedding is an option with no contenders. Just picture yourself and your fiancé pronouncing your vows with the ocean enclosing your ceremony.

Besides the breathtaking natural scenery that beach destinations (like Los Cabos) offer, a beach wedding will allow your guests to enjoy an unforgettable ceremony, a wonderful set of sun and sea, and will allow them to explore tourist destinations with many options for adventure and fun.

If Los Cabos is one of the options you are considering for your I do, here are 11 good reasons to have a destination wedding in Los Cabos.

Consider that if you do not live near a gorgeous beach, your beach wedding will also be a destination wedding. And that can be awesome!

How to plan a Beach Wedding

Weddings on the beach have several possibilities, so they should not be pigeonholed like weddings that are more relaxed regarding the dress or the food options. A beach wedding can be the ideal opportunity to let your imagination fly on what concerns decor, food, and even dress code.

Before choosing a venue, consider the type of wedding you will have: a full wedding, a micro wedding, or an elopement wedding. This will give a good idea of the venues that better fit your ceremony.

A beach wedding can range from something very relaxed to a full luxury event. 

However, seek advice from an expert wedding planner so you can share all your ideas with her and get the best advice and support to make them come true. And, of course, try to visit at least once the place where you want to get married so that you can visualize what a wedding planner can do for you.

Since I have over 15 years of experience planning destination weddings at Los Cabos, I want to share with you a series of factors to consider that will make a big difference in your beach wedding, making it a dream come true.

The Beach

Some beaches are true spectacles to the senses… however, some are hidden, lost paradises, so access to them can be more complicated and time-consuming. Do not lose sight of the fact that your guests are also having a pleasant experience by accompanying you in the most important moment of your life, so analyze how easy it is to get to the place of your dreams.

Remember there is furniture, food, sound equipment, and a long list of things that will have to be moved to your chosen place.

If you still want the ceremony to take place right in that lost paradise, then of course we can make it happen. We are very experienced in organizing weddings on the beach. We will only need more planning and probably more time.

I also suggest that you look over if there are any special requirements for you to say your vows on the beach. In some, it is necessary from a legal point of view, but also because of the beach privacy regulations, the noise of music, the consumption of alcohol, and the bonfires.

Some beaches are not private, so you cannot control the access of the people who are there for fun… and there is never a lack of spectators who want to be part of the event. There are other places where you do not need a permit to celebrate a beach wedding, like, for example, private villas, where you will have all the privacy you want.

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Tips for the bride

The wedding dress and hairstyle

The bride is and will be the center of the wedding. Therefore, for your wedding dress, you should choose an attire that keeps you beautiful and fresh. Most brides choose a designer in their place of residence and pack the dress to take it to the beach… where they never did a test of the weight of the fabric and how hot it can turn… or the behavior of the fabric in front of the sea ​​wind…

You should analyze the length of the dress that you will drag through the sand when you walk down the aisle and opt for gauze that, besides being lighter, is fresh and extremely elegant.

The veil is another element to consider. Many brides who celebrate their wedding on the beach omit it because the wind can play against them and choose to change it for tiaras or crowns with flowers that are more appropriate and extremely beautiful because they harmonize with nature in which the ceremony will take place.

It is also especially important to do hairstyle tests with the headband or the flower crown. Keep in mind, always, that the wind from the beach is a factor that we cannot foresee, so those tied in an elegant bun are a good option to control how your hair looks. 

We recommend local stylists who can be present at the ceremony and the party, so you can always count on the help of a professional, not only for the arrangement of your hair but also for your makeup. This will wash away the worries caused by the weather.

Plus, a local make-up professional knows the secrets to keep you looking fresh and very stylish without making your makeup look like a puffy mask.

Wedding dress and hair style for a beach wedding
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Forget about heels… there is no way you can have a pleasant experience wearing heels on the beach. Today, the footwear industry has countless options for espadrilles or wedge shoes that are ideal for moving on the beach.

You can have at least a couple of ideal options for the occasion that combine with the fabric and decorations of your dress because, with the heat, your feet could swell. Also, consider that you will stand for longer and you will dance.

We, as wedding planners, advise setting up a path to the altar made with thick fabrics, covered with many flowers, that will help you wear a pair of shoes with wedges or platforms for the ceremony or even high heels.

For the party, many brides consider a second pair of espadrille-type shoes or open-floor sandals enhanced with rhinestones that harmonize well with your dress. In addition, they look elegant and are very visual when dancing.

Sun tanning

Protect your skin from the sun. If you arrive at your destination a few days before your wedding, try to keep your skin highly hydrated and protect it from the sun with sunscreen.

If you rather have a very pronounced tan that contrasts with the white of the dress, then allocate more days for the color of your skin to change gradually and carefully… we do not want shrimp-colored tones, sunburns that make you uncomfortable, or skin marks. Swimsuits that have higher necklines than your wedding dress can ruin the image.

The ceremony schedule

A beach wedding will always be a delight for everyone and thinking about the best timing for the ceremony is crucial for this experience to be magnificent.

Since the sun is one of the major factors to analyze, the best moments can be in the morning or the afternoon. This way, you will take advantage of the sunset and the spectacle of colors in the open sky.

Always ask for a weather forecast because on the coast weather can change in a blink of an eye.

Also, check out for the sunset time so that it matches perfectly with the moment you are pronouncing your vows and it becomes a magical space. As I have mentioned, nature plays a fundamental role in the ceremony and we can take advantage of it to make the most of this incredible experience.

Do not forget to offer shady spaces for guests who do not want to be exposed to the sun, and for the elderly and children who are more prone to suffer from long sun exposure.

We have installed fresh tents with light and vaporous fabrics that are amazingly effective and give a unique touch to the ceremony.

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Furniture and decor

Another significant advantage of a beach wedding is that nature is a beautiful decor by itself. We always have this on top of our minds and suggest accessories that are harmonious and wind-resistant decorations, flowers that better tolerate heat, and even fruits that are incredibly attractive and add color.

This not only goes for the ceremony but also the reception.

As experts, we always recommend heavy furniture that the wind cannot drag away and that matches the decoration.

Wooden benches, bamboo, or woven palm ottoman chairs are ideal and blend very well with all the natural scenery. Remember, it is not about moving the church to the sand… but about recreating spaces with unique environments in which your ceremony becomes a dream come true.

I recommend the same for the banquet. That is why I always make this reflection with my clients: imagine that you are at dinner, everything is going wonderfully and, suddenly, a powerful wind blows. What do you see flying? Then, we immediately put off those items from the list.

That includes programs, cards, place customizers, rose petals on tables, bows on chairs, candles, and crystal centerpieces, and a long list of things that can complicate everything.

We do not want to see your guests running away behind none of this!

In addition, there is always the option that both the ceremony and the banquet take place on a terrace near the beach. This way, you can enjoy the weather and the incredible view and control many other aspects such as the furniture, the dance floor, and the wind.

Food & Beverages

If you choose a hotel for your wedding, you will have all the infrastructure needed to keep food and drinks in optimal condition. However, if you choose to celebrate your wedding on a beach, away from civilization, food must be kept at a temperature that allows its consumption.

As professional wedding planners, we know who the best suppliers are to guarantee that the menu is delicious and fresh and can bring joy to your guests.

Of course, it will be necessary to remove from the menu all the ingredients that can decompose quickly because of the heat, and that immediately leaves out the cream, butter, and chocolate, among other products.

For example, a fondant cake is a much more heat-resistant option than a meringue or butter-based frosting. The same goes for the fillings: choose tropical flavors such as coconut, passion fruit, or pineapple.

One solution that couples who do not want to abandon their dream of getting married on a lonely beach have chosen is to carry out the ceremony on the beach and transfer the guests to a place with the needed infrastructure for the banquet, such as a hotel terrace by the beach.

In Los Cabos, we have plenty of wedding venues with amazing views of the ocean where you do not have to step on the sand if you do not want to.

As professionals, we recommend having refreshing drinks from the start of the ceremony regardless of the time you have chosen. The best thing is that your guests feel fresh and are well hydrated, so we can install hydration stations for the religious ceremony.

This way we eliminate any discomfort and, even, reduce the possibility of dehydration and fainting.


As expert beach wedding planners, we can prevent situations that the naked eye cannot see, and the quality of the sound is one of them: all the guests are impatiently waiting to hear the person who is officiating the ceremony and not miss a word from the couple at the crucial moment of the vows.

We work this out using professional sound equipment, windshield microphones, and wireless speakers that prevent the ambiance of natural sounds, like the sound of the waves, from becoming an inconvenience, but a perfect harmonious background.

Other unforeseen events

We will always suggest to our clients that as part of the planning process they consider offering the guests a kit that includes sunscreen, wet towels, organic water-based insect repellents, and even fans.

There is always someone who forgets to take these items with them, and they are of great help to make your guests comfortable.

How much does a beach wedding cost?

You should know that many grand tourism resorts have special wedding packages that include a ceremony on the beach. You will need to have a certain number of guests, and if the accommodation meets for three nights or more, they might offer the option of holding the ceremony on the beach or terraces overlooking the sea.

But be careful, these plans may have several restrictions and the extras could considerably raise the price. 

In addition, there are beaches where you can get married at no cost or where the rate is lower compared to what a church would be worth, for example.

So, when they ask me if a wedding on the beach is more expensive than one in a hotel ballroom or in a restaurant, my answer is that it depends on the place you choose, the extras you want, and the travel expenses.

What to wear for a beach wedding?

Sometimes, beach weddings are much more relaxed in the dress code. Unlike a city wedding, white is a color guests can wear if it does not steal attention or compete with the bride’s dress. You can opt for light colors like beige, gold, or bone tones.

What you should never wear to a beach wedding is a city suit, whether you are a man or a woman, because not only will you feel out of place, but you will suffocate quickly because of the composition of the fabric.

Neither are black dresses for day weddings recommended because, even if they are made of sheer fabrics and sleeveless, it is a fact that black is a color that absorbs more of the sun’s rays, unlike light colors. You will quickly start sweating and feeling uncomfortable.

The groom and the best men

The groom and the best men can opt for natural fiber suits in raw colors such as cotton, silk, or linen.

If the beach is hotter, it is permissible to wear looser pants and loose shirts that are worn outside the pants. In many tourist destinations, you will find traditional shirts in bright colors such as blue, yellow, and orange that perfectly combine with pants in shades of beige, brown, or even white.

Other guests hearing the term beach wedding know that there is the option of wearing fisherman pants or even Bermuda shorts. A beach wedding allows colors you would hardly use in the city, even for them.

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For the girls

Just as there are looser options for the groom and guests, the same rule applies to the maids of honor. Loose-fitting dresses made of flower-patterned fabrics and bright colors are ideal choices for fabrics such as crepe, cotton, linen, and silk.

You can also wear a midi dress in bright colors, but a maxi dress with prints, a halter neck, and a backless with ruffles that will flutter in the wind is also a pleasant choice.

Necklines, bareback, and arms are quite common and even expected. Heels should stay in the city because wedge or platform shoes are way better for a beach wedding.

In fact, espadrilles or open-floor sandals can make the ideal solution for dancing in the sand.

Some couples let their guests know what the dress code will be and offer tips when they send invitations.

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Los Cabos: one of the best places for a beach wedding in Mexico

Mexico is an incredible country because of the number of beach destinations where you can have a breathtaking beach wedding. The Riviera Maya offers many options, as well as Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, and Los Cabos, to mention some of the most sought-after destinations.

Los Cabos is a magical, privileged, and unique place. Its location between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez is a unique spot that contrasts beautifully with the desert sand. It also offers all the attractions and entertainment of any grand tourism beach destination.

In Los Cabos, you can add unique experiences such as whale watching or even a camel ride.

Los Cabos offers a wide variety of luxury wedding venues to make your beach wedding an unforgettable experience like dream-like Pedregal, Cabo del Sol, or Palmilla. We have an extraordinary relationship with the highest luxury resorts such as Chileno, Santa Maria, Hilton Paradisus, and El Ganzo so that you can make the best decision about the ideal place to carry out your dream.

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We also have experience working with all-inclusive resorts like Pueblo Bonito, Fiesta Americana, and Grand Velas.

We can also help you plan and design your wedding in Todos Santos, a fascinating town with many options to create the best experience for you, your partner, and your guests. Located 53 miles away from Los Cabos, this town is the ideal example of everything that can be built around such a special date in the Baja California peninsula,

As professional wedding planners, we will go along with you throughout the planning process and the event to solve any details that may arise.

If you pick the perfect beach destination for your wedding, you can turn it into a honeymoon and once your guests have left, you and your new spouse can relax and recharge without having to go through all the traveling errands once again.

You should know that as local experts with many years of experience, we know the best suppliers since we have worked with most of them, so we fully trust their commitment to making your ceremony an unforgettable one.

A beach wedding is an extraordinary experience for those who live it, but more for those who decide to get married in Los Cabos! You can take a look at some destination beach weddings I have planned and designed:

Yassee & Yuri: A stunning Greek-inspired wedding with Mediterranean design

Rachael & Chris: A rustic and relaxed wedding in Cabo Pulmo

Shah & Charles: An elopement with Mexican details in Los Cabos

At Momentos Weddings and Events, we have 16+ years of experience creating fabulous Cabo Destination Weddings. Contact us to find out how we can help you!

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