Bride’s Getting Ready Session: Enjoy It to the Fullest!

Written by Fatima Falcon Garcia
November 28, 2022

The first hours of the big day are crucial for you to live and enjoy the I Do that you have dreamed of for so long. Waking up in a magical paradise like Los Cabos and getting ready to walk down the aisle is one of the best memories you’ll have.

That’s why I want to share some tips so that you enjoy your Getting Ready Session to the fullest and experience, second by second, the magic of going from bride to Mrs.

What I most recommend to brides who have trusted Momentos Weddings & Events is to allocate a good amount of time so that the Getting Ready Session is not rushed and does not generate stress for the bride and her family, but quite the opposite.

The objective of this session is for you to feel calm, accompanied, relaxed, and more ready than ever to meet the love of your life.

Start the day with a good bath

Wake up, admire the surroundings Los Cabos offers and get ready to take a bath.

Make sure that it is not rushed, but that you can be in contact with yourself, with the magic of a day that you have waited for so long and for which you must look spectacular.

If you have the opportunity, listen to your favorite music or put together a playlist with songs that relax you and accompany you to have a good vibe right now. I suggest you start the day alone and then receive your bridal party.

Prepare the details of your look for photos

Wedding invitation, rings and Tiara
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Your wedding dress, the jewelry, the shoes you will wear, the accessories, the perfume, and even some of the wedding stationery (like the wedding invitations) must be ready for your wedding photographer to take extraordinary shots while you are in the beauty process.

Trust your planner’s team and let everything flow so that your wedding experience is a thousand times better. As your wedding planner, we will be there to support you so you do not have any type of concern.

Don’t forget about cool outfits

Brides and Maids of Honor Wearing Robes
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For you and for all your bridal squad, of course.

You can choose coordinated pajamas, robes with embroidered legends, or a look that makes you feel special and very trendy. All of them will feel integrated into this Getting Ready Session that means so much to you.

Enjoy your makeup and hair session

Getting ready make up session
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Let yourself be pampered and live second by second every step of that look that you chose with such enthusiasm.

It is normal for you to feel nervous, so the important thing is that you talk and have fun with all the people around you. Look at yourself as many times as necessary in the mirror and feel unique, confident, and ready to leave the love of your life astounded.

Our friend Juan Ignacio Zermeño, owner of Piel Canela Makeup Studio, thinks that the Big Day is one to let worries go away and enjoy to the fullest.

“Remember beautiful Bride. The wedding day is for you to relax and enjoy the champagne. Let your artists take that burden, because it should only be fun for you TODAY. That’s why it’s so important to make a rehearsal, so you can learn your artist’s technique and talent. So you can chill and be confident knowing that such talent will be performed gracefully in your face and body. Honestly it’s all about feeling beautiful”, Zermeño says.

And tops off his comment: It’s your day to walk that aisle as a freakin’ runway and be Ms. Prettiest!”

Do not forget to eat

Although nerves and expectations will be present, remember that it is essential that you eat something before the wedding.

You will feel calmer and more confident, and you will avoid dizziness or feeling bad afterward. Eat what you like and pamper your palate… you are living the best day of your life!


Bride and Maids of Honor Making a Toast with Champagne
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Of course, you can’t miss a good photo session in your Getting Ready session.

This is the perfect time for you and your friends to crack open a bottle of Champagne and toast to this new chapter in your love story.

It’s time to put on your wedding dress

Bride putting her wedding dress on
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I love this moment, especially when the mothers of the brides are the ones who help their daughters get ready. The development of each minute is magical and the photographic memories are special and very beautiful.

Closing the carefully chosen wedding dress, putting on your shoes, hugging, and exchanging glances with the most important people for you is simply perfect.

First look with your bridesmaids

Maids of honor looking at Bride for first time
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To make your Getting Ready session even more special, don’t forget to make time to show your bridesmaids how you look dressed as a bride.

In addition to the reactions being emotional and fun, this is also a unique time to have some beautiful photos and prepare everyone for an unforgettable session.

Fall even more in love with yourself

If you want to enjoy a perfect Getting Ready session, take special time to look at yourself in the mirror, and enjoy a photo session before the wedding begins. Feel confident, beautiful, and ready to live an extraordinary day.

Bride's Getting Ready Session Photo Shoot
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Every second of your I Do will be exceptional, so get ready to be part of a wonderful experience that will transform your love story.

If you want to live a perfect destination wedding in the paradise of Los Cabos, if you want to have your perfect wedding without pressure and in the company of a team of expert wedding planners, and if you want to fall even more in love with your love story… contact us!

We will love designing with you the best day of your life.


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